SPP 1748 Reliable simulation techniques in solid mechanics. Development of non-standard discretisation methods, mechanicals and mathematical analysis

 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil J. Schröder,
Universität Duisburg Essen (Coordinator) link

The goals of the Priority Programme (SPP) 1748 and the wide range of involved research fields demand for a highly productive coordination unit, which bundles and represents the interest of all participating groups. The presented proposal applies for coordination and common activity funds for the first three-year term.

The measures for the successful implementation of the Priority Programme include the coordination and programme related activities for the support of the interdisciplinary cooperation of the participating groups. In detail, the coordination unit will illustrate synergies, strengthen the cooperative work of all participants and guarantee the exchange of information and experiences. This includes among others the organisation of periodical workshops, meetings, conferences and summer schools, which will cultivate the knowledge transfer and the national and international networking. Herein, special importance is attached to the encouragement of young researchers, equal opportunities and gender-equality. A further important tool of the coordination project will be a database, which is initiated and evolved by the coordinators. By means of this database a set of carefully selected boundary value problems (benchmarks) will be provided, which are defined together with all researcher of the participating projects. The benchmarks will be an essential basis for detailed scientific comparisons and discussions among the groups. Besides the support of all internal collaborations, it is a main intention of the coordination project to assist in the exchange with external partners and projects as well as to represent the SPP activities on an international level. In order to support the appreciation of the Priority Programme a representative website including an information platform will be provided.

The coordination project will bundle all elementary research and networking activities of mechanics and mathematics and will lead the Priority Programme to international perception in the field of non-conventional discretisation techniques.

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