Prospective international Ph.D. students

Prospective international Ph.D. students/Doctoral candidates

Dear sir, dear madam, nice to know your interest in the research work of the Chair Dynamics and Control headed by me.

I am happy according to your interest in the research work of the Chair Dynamics and Control headed by me. We are working on an international research level and doing research in specific fields of dynamics, control, automation, safety and reliability with applications to several application fields. We are publishing on a high international level. If you think, you are interested in becoming a valuable member of our team, I want to invite you to apply for Ph.D. supervision at the Chair SRS, but be aware of the following requirements.

The group is obviously international oriented and therefore continously interested in Ph.D. students/Doctoral candidates doing research in the group. Applying for Ph.D. supervision in the SRS (Dynamics and Control) group requires without exception your support by an external and earned PUBLIC scholarship (which can be given to you by your home university, your home country/government or by DAAD). We do not offer industry- or project-based research work on a contract base to students coming directly from outside. We do not offer supervision for people not supported as mentioned or not paid (on a contract-base).

We offer the following PhD projects:

In case of interest please show me beside the typical application material (CV, grades, ...) also that you have strong english language skills (TOEFL IBT better than 95) and a detailed interest in ONLY one of our research fields (which are clearly described by you). Your german language skills can be (if necessary) improved by language courses in parallel (for example at the Goethe Institute, Düsseldorf) (on your cost).

If you fulfill the mentioned requirements I want to invite you to contact me.

In case of DAAD-scholarship application be aware about the time schedule of your application: application in september/october year 1 leads to begin  language courses in may/june year 2 and start ph.d. research in october year 2.

Please accept that due to dozens of applications and requests a week I can and will only reply to those persons reading the hints written above and acting/writing with related care.


Dirk Söffker, Professor


Why Duisburg-Essen?

According to Shanghai Ranking 2021 [link]

Duisburg-Essen Automation and Control is ranked 51-75 in the world and
1-2 in Germany (also 1-2: Technical University of Munich; , 3: University of Stuttgart).

University of Duisburg-Essen Mechanical Engineering is ranked within the best 151-200
faculties of the world.