Lehrstuhl SRS - Advanced Control Lab 1

Wintersemester 2019/20

Advanced Control Lab 1


Advanced Control Lab 1 (1P)

comprising three experiments:

  • Modellbildung und Simulation (ms)
  • Elektrohydraulisches Servosystem (hs)
  • Inverses Pendel (ip)
Attendance mandatory:

ISE Master Program:
Automation and Safety - Safe Systems

URL of the course https://www.uni-due.de/srs/v-acl-an1-praktikum.php

Ph.D. students/scientific co-workers


Dr.-Ing. Sandra Rothe, praktikum-srs@uni-due.de

Attestation date

December 2nd, Room MC 122/MD 162

Exact times and seat numbers are published in advance on our homepage.

Report deadline

The reports must be submitted to the chair not later than 2 weeks after the individual lab date.

First date labs

50th calendar weekth

Last date labs

5th calendar week 2020st

Place (labs) MB 323 (ms), MB 025 (hs), MB 325 (ip)
Lab days


Time Appointments between 8.00 am - 05.00 pm
Consulting hours Thursday, 10.00 – 11.30 am, MB 326

Scripts for each experiment are located on the SRS homepage. Those have to be worked through until the attestation date as they are the basis for the attestation.


You have to succeed one central attestation for the experiments in order to participate at the labs. The attestations are only offered at the a.m. dates. Participation at the labs without a successfully passed attestation is not possible.


The mandatory registration at the examination office has to be realized in the 5th and 6th week of the semester. ONLY officially registered participants are allowed to take part in the attestation.

A deregistration is only possible via email to praktikum-srs@uni-due.de latest 1 week (full 7 days) before the attestation date. Nonappearance leads to the grading fail for all three experiments. After participation at the attestation a deregistration from the entire practical exercise is not possible.

Realization of labs

The experiments are held in English language.
The participants are grouped in teams of 5 students and assigned to fixed lab dates. A central date exchange service by the chair can not be provided, but a change-of-dates-forum is arranged in moodle (ms and hs: Systemdynamik und Regelungstechnik – Pflichtpraktikum (WiSe 19/20), ip: Control Theory - Practical Exercise (WiSe 19/20)). The participants are allowed to switch their dates with another accepted student on their own risk. If the switching party does not participate, the original advised student loses the right to participate. The doctoral candidate conducting the lab has to be informed at the beginning of the experiment about a date’s switch. All participants will be checked if their participation is accepted. Not accepted students are not allowed to take part.

Lab report

A semester/group specific lab report has to be established on a high technical/scientific level.
The report has to be established by the students, assistance will be provided via the official general consulting hours of the Chair SRS.
We expect a well written technical/scientific English written report, stating that the author/s are familiar with all rules of scientific writing, formatting, and scientific discussion. Grades will be given in three classes leading in combination with the other grades to the below mentioned overall rating.

Grading / fail

Your performance will be graded:

Criteria Grade
- Attestation is successful at the first attempt and
- Active participation at the lab and
- Very good to perfect rated lab report.
- One attestation failed once and successfully passed in the second attempt or
- Passed attestations but no active participation at the lab or
- Acceptable to good lab report.
- Two attestations failed, or
- Nonappearance/delay or
- Poor or not submitted lab report.
5.0 (failed)

Grading with 5,0 (failed), all experiments and the attestation have to be repeated. Grades will be reported to the examination office like other examination results.

The experiments have to be completed within one semester. Single labs of earlier terms expire. Grades are 1,0 or 3,0, or all experiments have to be repeated completely.

The pass of the practical exercise is connected with:

  1. Attestation: Each participant has to succeed the central written attestation for the experiments in order to participate at the labs.
  2. Verification of identity: Participation at the attestation is only possible if your identity can be verified. For verification of your identity you have to show your Student-ID, or your passport, or your Aufenthaltstitel at the attestation date and in the beginning of the labs. If the ID cannot be accepted or is not correct, the student loses the right to participate.
  3. Presence: The exercise starts exactly at the announced time. Participants who are not present until 5 minutes after start of the exercise will be graded as being “not present”, regardless of reasons. Nonappearance leads to the grading fail for all three experiments.
  4. Active participation at the practical experiment.
  5. The reports must be submitted on time and be at least acceptable.
Additional information

It is recommended to conduct the labs in the proposed order as failed attempts lead to worse grades or failed trials.


Description [PDF]

Practical Exercise material
  • Modellbildung und Simulation (ms) [PDF]
  • Elektrohydraulisches Servosystem (hs)[PDF]
  • Inverses Pendel (ip) [PDF]
Report tasks
  • Modellbildung und Simulation (ms) [PDF] (submission date: January 7, 2020)
  • Elektrohydraulisches Servosystem (hs) [PDF] (submission date: January 16, 2020)
  • Inverses Pendel (ip) [PDF] (submission date: January 23, 2020)

Actual Information


Results of the ACL-attestation from December 2, 2019, grouping and lab dates of ms, hs, and ip.


Authorized participants, times and rooms for the attestation of the practical exercise Advanced Control Lab 1 on December 2nd, 2019.


Unfortunately the registration via the examination office (HISinOne) is NOT possible this semester. Please register up to November 25th, 2019 via praktikum-srs@uni-due.de by sending your name and student-ID number.