M.A. Urban Culture, Society and Space

Modular Structure

In the Master's programme "Urban Culture, Society and Space", seven courses (5 ECTS credits each) from the fields of urban planning, cultural studies as well as social and educational sciences provide training (among other areas) in urban geography, urban sociology and urban history, urban cultural studies, urban cultural management, and strategic urban development. In these fields, students are offered a broad range of courses to choose from; they are individually coached in making these choices based on their previous qualifications, their professional goals and development perspectives.

These courses are complemented by integrative modules studied together with students from the complementary Master's programme "Sustainable Urban Development", namely the foundational module (15 ECTS credits) in the first semester and the joint research training project in the second semester (10 ECTS credits). Moreover, in their third semester students complete an individual internship of at least three monthts in a company, an international organization, a municipal body or another institution centrally involved in urban management or urban research (20 ECTS credits).

Finally, in the course of the programme students complete two modules (5 ECTS credits each) from the complementary field of studies in "Sustainable Urban Development", for instance in the fields of urban planning, logistics, energy systems, technology management, urban ecology or urban climatology.

The overarching aim - notwithstanding the need for interdisciplinary qualifications - is an in-depth education in a specific disciplinary culture, which allows students to make productive contributions in demanding work environments. The topics for the Master's thesis to be written in the fourth and final term (30 credits including the oral thesis defence) are also agreed upon individually depending on students' specific qualifications, experience and professional development goals. In a programme generally aiming at a broad interdisciplinary education rooted in disciplinary competencies, a broad range of courses to choose from allows students to develop their own unique profile in the course of their studies by focusing on specific areas of competence.

The Modular Design of the Master’s Programme “Urban Culture, Society and Space” (pdf file)


Master's Degree

The standard duration of study is four semesters and students will finish the Master's Programme “Urban Culture, Society and Space” with a Master of Arts (M.A.).

Language of Instruction

The languages of instruction in the Master’s Programme "Urban Culture, Society and Space" are English and German.