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  • Ude, Fabian; Schumann, Achim; Telgheder, Ursula
    Non-destructive, solvent-free quantification of wood preservatives in wood flour and wooden objects using GC-DTIMS
    In: Talanta: The International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry Jg. 268 (2024)
    ISSN: 0039-9140; 1873-3573
  • Marks, Robert G.H.; Rockel, Sarah P.; Kerpen, Klaus; Somnitz, Holger; Martin, Philipp R.; Jochmann, Maik A.; Schmidt, Torsten C.
    Effects of pH-dependent speciation on the photolytic degradation mechanism of phosphonates
    In: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry Jg. 448 (2024)
    ISSN: 1010-6030; 1873-2666
  • Papadopoulos, Kyrillos; Myrovali, Eirini; Dubey, Astita; Malletzidou, Lamprini; Lupascu, Doru C.; Shvartsman, Vladimir; Wiedwald, Ulf; Angelakeris, Mavroeidis
    Control of physical properties in BiFeO3 nanoparticles via Sm3+ and Co2+ ion doping
    In: Nanotechnology Jg. 35 (2024) Nr. 1,
    ISSN: 1361-6528; 0957-4484
  • Tenkumo, Taichi; Kruse, Benedikt; Kostka, Kathrin; Sokolova, Viktoriya; Ogawa, Toru; Yoda, Nobuhiro; Prymak, Oleg; Suzuki, Osamu; Sasaki, Keiichi; Epple, Matthias
    Development of triple-functionalized calcium phosphate nanoparticles as an advanced drug delivery system for bone tissue repair
    In: Regenerative Therapy Jg. 25 (2024) S. 49 - 60
    ISSN: 2352-3204
  • Pape, Alexandra; Schmitz, Oliver J.
    Dielectric barrier discharge in mass spectrometry : An overview over plasma investigations and ion sources applications
    In: Trends in Analytical Chemistry (TrAC) Jg. 170 (2024)
    ISSN: 1879-3142; 0165-9936; 0167-2940
  • Schürings, Christian; Hering, Daniel; Kaijser, Willem; Kail, Jochem
    Assessment of cultivation intensity can improve the correlative strength between agriculture and the ecological status in rivers across Germany
    In: Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Jg. 361 (2024)
    ISSN: 0167-8809; 1873-2305
  • Alinejad, Shima; Quinson, Jonathan; Li, Yao; Kong, Ying; Reichenberger, Sven; Barcikowski, Stephan; Broekmann, Peter; Arenz, Matthias
    Optimizing the use of a gas diffusion electrode setup for CO₂ electrolysis imitating a zero-gap MEA design
    In: Journal of Catalysis Jg. 429 (2024)
    ISSN: 0021-9517; 1090-2694
  • Dobaradaran, Sina; Telgheder, Ursula; De-la-Torre, Gabriel E.; Rockel, Sarah P.; Mutke, Xenia A.M.; Schmidt, Torsten C.
    Elucidating nicotine transfer into water environments via cigarette butt remaining parts
    In: Environmental Pollution Jg. 341 (2024)
    ISSN: 1873-6424; 0269-7491
  • Jockwitz, Christiane; Krämer, Camilla; Stumme, Johanna; Dellani, Paulo; Moebus, Susanne; Bittner, Nora; Caspers, Svenja
    Characterization of the angular gyrus in an older adult population : A multimodal multilevel approach
    In: Brain Structure and Function Jg. 228 (2023) Nr. 1, S. 83 - 102
    ISSN: 1863-2653; 1863-2661
  • Berrisch, Jonathan; Ziel, Florian
    CRPS learning
    In: Journal of Econometrics Jg. 237 (2023) Nr. 2, Part C,
    ISSN: 1872-6895; 0304-4076
  • Mavarani, Laven; Reinsch, Nico; Albayrak-Rena, Sarah; Potthoff, Anja; Hower, Martin; Dolff, Sebastian; Schadendorf, Dirk; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Schmidt, Börge; Esser, Stefan
    The Association of HIV-Specific Risk Factors with Cardiovascular Events in Addition to Traditional Risk Factors in People Living with HIV
    In: AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses (2023) in press
    ISSN: 1931-8405; 0889-2229
  • Karakoese, Zehra; Le-Trilling, Vu Thuy Khanh; Schuhenn, Jonas; Francois, Sandra; Lu, Mengji; Liu, Jia; Trilling, Mirko; Hoffmann, Daniel; Dittmer, Ulf; Sutter, Kathrin
    Targeted mutations in IFNα2 improve its antiviral activity against various viruses
    In: mBio (2023)
    ISSN: 2150-7511; 2161-2129
  • Deep, Aman; Bludau, Dana; Welzel, Marius; Clemens, Sandra; Heider, Dominik; Boenigk, Jens; Beisser, Daniela
    Natrix2 : Improved amplicon workflow with novel Oxford Nanopore Technologies support and enhancements in clustering, classification and taxonomic databases
    In: Metabarcoding and Metagenomics (MBMG) Jg. 7 (2023) S. 263 - 271
    ISSN: 2534-9708
  • Mayer-Gall, Thomas; Kamps, Leonie; Straube, Thomas; Gutmann, Jochen Stefan; Textor, Torsten
    Transparent Sol–Gel-Based Coatings Reflecting Heat Radiation in the Near Infrared
    In: Gels Jg. 9 (2023) Nr. 10,
    ISSN: 2310-2861
  • Masjedi, Mohammad Reza; Torkshavand, Zahra; Arfaeinia, Hossein; Dobaradaran, Sina; Soleimani, Farshid; Farhadi, Akram; Rashidi, Roshana; Novotny, Thomas E.; Dadipoor, Sara; Schmidt, Torsten C.
    First report on BTEX leaching from waterpipe tobacco wastes (WTWs) into aquatic environment
    In: Heliyon Jg. 9 (2023) Nr. 11,
    ISSN: 2405-8440
  • Boenigk, Jens; Beisser, Daniela; Franke, Luise; Klar, Lea; Ilić, Maja; Fink, Patrick
    Differences in pigment composition and concentration between phototrophic, mixotrophic, and heterotrophic Chrysophyceae
    In: Fottea Jg. 23 (2023) Nr. 2, S. 223 - 234
    ISSN: 1802-5439
  • Leichtweis, Jandira; Carissimi, Elvis; Hagemann, Ulrich; Ulbricht, Mathias; Fischer, Lukas
    NiFe₂O₄/biochar decorated porous polymer membranes for the flow-through photo-Fenton degradation of tetracycline
    In: Chemical Engineering Journal Jg. 477 (2023)
    ISSN: 1385-8947; 1873-3212
  • Lohmann, C.; Schulz, Karen; Bayer, J.; Johann, S.; Pfefferle, J.; Hollert, H.; Dopp, Elke; Schertzinger, Gerhard;
    Genotoxicity and mutagenicity assessment of sediment samples from the Stolberg area in Western Germany following the extreme flood event in 2021
    57th Congress of the European-Societies-of-Toxicology (EUROTOX): SEP 10-13, 2023; Ljubljana, Slovenia,
    In: Toxicology Letters Jg. 384 (2023) Nr. Suppl. 1, S. S91
    ISSN: 0378-4274; 1879-3169
  • Boden, Lisa; Sieber, Guido; Boenigk, Jens
    Effects of stressors on growth and competition between different cryptic taxa affiliated with Ochromonadales (Chrysophyceae)
    In: Fottea Jg. 23 (2023) Nr. 2, S. 235 - 245
    ISSN: 1802-5439
  • Exner, Kai
    On the concept of metal-hydrogen peroxide batteries : Improvement over metal-air batteries?
    In: Energy Advances Jg. 2 (2023) Nr. 4, S. 522 - 529
    ISSN: 2753-1457