X-Ray System Configuration Malvern Panalytical X'Pert MPD PW3040

  • XRD system specialized on polycrystalline samples, powder samples and nanoparticles
  • wide range scans (2θ) for phase analysis
  • 0.001° goniometer resolution
  • Rocking curves (ω) used to quantify grain size and mosaic spread in crystalline materials
  • X-ray reflectivity (XRR) for determining thickness, roughness, and density of thin films (<200nm)
  • Anode: Cu: non-monochromatized X-rays, with a weighted average wavelength of 0.15418 nm
  • Incident beam optics: Programmable Divergence Slit with beam attenuator, Mirror for parallel beam
  • Sample stages: Bracket, Spinner (for powder), Capillary Spinner (for particles in solution), IR-Stage (for thin films)
  • Diffracted beam optics: PRS/PASS & curved monochromator, parallel plate collimator (& flat monochromator)
  • Detectors: Panalytical X'Celerator (high speed, high accuracy), large area proportional counter (for parallel beam optics, XRR)

M. Farle
M. Acet

Geometry Sample stages

5 - Axis-sample stage - infrared controlled

  • 2Theta/Theta (automatic)
  • Omega (manual)
  • Psi (manual)
  • Phi (manual)

Bracket stage

  • 2Theta/Theta (automatic)

Spinner sample stage

  • 2Theta/Theta (automatic)
  • adjustable constant velocity

Capillary spinner sample stage

  • 2Theta/Theta (automatic)
  • constant velocity