Bulk sample preparation lab

Precision ion polishing system (PIPS) Gatan Model 691 with dual ion sources for double sided milling

  • milling angles between 0° and 10°
  • production of large, clean, electron transparent areas (typical: 1mm²)
  • sample reducable to thicknesses of about 50 +/- 10 nm
  • typically used for metallic bulk samples, isolating / semiconducting samples possible
  • max. start thickness: 100 nm
  • preparation under 10-4 mbar Ar vacuum condition

M. Acet

Equipment for bulk sample preparation Schaefer arc melting oven

  • Ar atmosphere at ambient pressure
  • Temperatures up to 2000°C
  • watercooled Cu-cruicible
  • usable for almost all metals for producing Heusler alloys


  • Well: Precision diamant wire saw Type: 3242
  • minimum diamant cutting wire diameter of about 0.2 mm
  • cut width of 0.1 mm possible
  • usable for all non smearing materials


  • Wirtz WoCo50p diamant saw for materials
  • maximum cutting depth: 10 mm
  • maximuum blade diameter: 120 mm
  • usable for all non smearing materials

  • Buehler grinder polisher type Phoenix Beta
  • dual sliding and polishing machine
  • used for pre-preparation for PIPS


  • Gatan ultrasonic disc cutter model 601
  • for milling 3 mm discs for TEM samples

  • Gatan precision dimple grinder model 656
  • pre-preparation for PIPS