Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Zeiss LEO 1530

  • Field emission gun (FEG)
  • Up to 30 kV acceleration voltage
  • Water-cooled lens
  • Lateral resolution 1.2nm
  • Pressure at sample: 10-6 mbar
  • Max. sample size: lateral 50 mm


  • In-lens detector
  • SE2 secondary electron detector
  • Robinson backscatter detector
  • Structural investigations with Oxford Instruments Nordlys EBSD detector
  • Chemical composition determination with Oxford Instruments XMAX 80mm² EDX detector

U. Wiedwald
D. Spoddig


Electron beam lithography (EBL)

Raith ELPHY Plus system

  • Min. linewidth of 25nm
  • Max write field size 4000²µm²
  • Step size: 3nm @ 200µm
  • Various positive/negative e-beam resists
  • Resists with thicknesses up to 600nm