19.08.2020 Assessment Test Prerequisite & CLC I Exam Registration Winter Term 2020/21

Due to the fact that the Assessment Test cannot take place this semester, we have had to come up with an alternative solution. Regularly, all students must participate in the Assessment Test. In fact, students who plan on becoming teachers must pass the Assessment Test with 50 % or more in order to be able to register for the exam connected to the language course entitled Comprehensive Language Course I (CLC I). In winter term 2020/21, we will be unable to administer the Assessment Test due to ongoing coronavirus measures. Therefore, we have decided to waive this requirement for the time being. This means that students can register for the CLC I exam without first having completed or having passed the Assessment Test. Furthermore, if a student passes the CLC I exam, this will count as also having passed the Assessment Test. These students will not be required to take the Assessment Test in a future semester. Registration for exams will take place during the scheduled online registration period.
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