I did my bachelor’s degree in English and Business Studies (Kulturwirt) and then changed to English and German for my master’s. During my studies I focused on sociolinguistics, and I’m particularly interested in the way linguistic and social factors influence the way we speak.  

I am currently working on my PhD thesis in which I aim to analyze the malleability of quotatives and the phonetic realization of the first-person possessive in a comprehensive and dynamic panel sample that covers the lifespan as a whole. This production research will be combined with reception research to explore the indexicalities of the variables.



Research Interests:

  • Language Change across the Lifespan
  • Morphosyntactic Change
  • Panel Research


Bergan, P., Mölders, A., Rehring, K., Ahlemann, F., Decker, S.; Reining, S.: Towards Designing Effective Governance Regimes for Smart City Initiatives: The Case of the City of Duisburg. In: Proceedings of the 53rd annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science. Hawaii, USA 2020

Conference Contributions and Talks:

Mölders, A.-M.: Investigating Language Change Across the Lifespan: A Real-Time Panel Study of Hyper -S and First-Person Singular Possessive in North-Eastern English. Poster presented at: UK Language Variation and Change 13. University of Glasgow, United Kingdom 2021