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Carl Duisberg Memorial Prize Award for Prof. Corina Andronescu

Chemist Corina Andronescu receives the Carl Duisberg Memorial Prize 2024 for her significant work in research and teaching. The prize recognizes in particular the importance of her intensive work in the field of electrochemical catalysis.

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New methods for biodiversity monitoring in Europe's riversUDE coordinates international 2-million-EUR-project

New methods for biodiversity monitoring help to detect changes at an early stage and protect nature. This particularly applies to river ecosystems. The "DNAquaIMG" project led by UDE Professor Florian Leese enables better monitoring of biodiversity in rivers.

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Water Science Alliance under New Leadership Supporting Early Career Researchers in Water Research

The Water Science Alliance successfully relocated its headquarters to the ZWU of the UDE last year. Under the leadership of the newly elected co-chairs, Prof. Dr. Martina Flörke and Prof. Dr. Florian Leese, the alliance is creating new opportunities for young researchers.

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Interview with Prof. Dr. Irene-Angelica Chounta Learning and Teaching with AI

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First success in the Excellence Strategy competitionWater research reaches milestone

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Launch of Solid-State Battery ProjectPrototypes within Two Years

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Publication in Nature Astronomy Stars Born as Multiples

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Targeted optimization of electrocatalystsPath to sustainable hydrogen

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Final vote of the EU Parliament in early 2024How can Europe restore its nature?

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Molecular engineer receives DAAD scholarship Converting Greenhouse Gases Sensibly

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Publication on Optically Controlled Magnetic FieldsOn/Off in Trillionths of a Second

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Transregio goes into second funding periodNew magnets for sustainable energy technologies

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TACTIC: New project in cancer researchFinding the right switches

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Publication in Physical ReviewEavesdropping on the electron

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Why I do research: Nils LeimkühlerWhen the bone marrow scars

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Novel immunotherapyGood Killer Cells

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Why I do research: Stephanie AntonsUnderstanding addictive behaviour

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ERC Synergy Grant for insights into life on the early Earth11.5 million euros to research into the microbial carbon cycle

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