Ways out of Poverty, Vulnerability and Food Insecurity (3nd Project Phase)

The objective of the project, which has been funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) since 2015, is to develop recommendations for German official development cooperation (ODA) on which measures can be used to reach poor, vulnerable and food-insecure population groups in order to improve their situation effectively and sustainably. The research project's approach is to analyse examples of good practice, i.e. particularly effective development cooperation projects, in terms of their impact on poverty and food security on the basis of project documents and intensive field research. Both qualitative and quantitative survey methods are applied.

Building on the results of the previous research phases, the third phase of the research project (01/2024 to 10/2025) will focus on the topic of "Feminist development cooperation, food security and poverty reduction in rural areas". The focus is on projects that contribute to food security and poverty reduction in rural areas by promoting agriculture and its upstream and downstream activities. This includes issues such as access to land and finance as well as the promotion of women and other disadvantaged groups in agricultural production, the processing of crops, their inclusion in value chains and in social security systems.

The core research question for our research is:

How can gender-equitable and inclusive policies be implemented in the field of rural development, agriculture and food security, with a particular focus on (gender) transformative approaches?



The three aspects of gender, participation and socio-cultural contextualisation remain cross-cutting topics of particular consideration throughout the analysis of the projects.

The research results will be published in two publication series. While AVE Studies contain more detailed studies and address cross-sectoral topics, Good Practice Reports provide brief project studies.

AVE Project Series

To order printed versions of the publications please send an e-mail to: ave-pub@uni-due.de

Previous Research Phases

In previous research phases, the project has focussed on the following topics:

First phase of the research project (10/2015 to 3/2020):

  • Access to land and legal security in land ownership and use
  • Agricultural value chains
  • Social security

Second phase of the research project (10/2020 to 12/2023):

  • Rural financial services to promote agriculture and agricultural value chains
  • The investigation of market-based models in a more holistic promotion of agriculture by social enterprises and NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa and its impact on poverty reduction
  • The need for and provision of micro- and small-scale credits in rural areas and the role of land titles as a guarantee for such credits as well as the resulting impact on land security for small farmers

Socio-cultural aspects of development, participation of the population in decision-making as well as gender justice were always considered as cross-cutting issues.

Project Management

Vice DirectorProf. Dr. Tobias Debiel

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Prof. Dr. Frank Bliss

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Project Staff

Senior ResearcherDr. Karin Gaesing

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ResearcherCarolin Rosenberg, M.A.

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Project AssistancePauline Hörschelmann, B.A.

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Project AssistanceJonathan Jesse, B.A.

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