Professor of Comparative Sociology and Japanese Society


Karen Shire and Birgit Apitzsch are coauthors of a report to the European Commission: Study on comprehensive policy review of anti-tracking projects funded by
the European Commission. Luxembourg: Publication Office of the European Union, 106 pages, ISBN 978-92-79-61960-1. The study can be downloaded here:

Vitali Heidt organized a study tour for twelve Executive Directors of Social Enterprises in Germany engaged in elderly and disabled care to Tokyo, Japan from October 2 – 8, joined by Prof’s Karen Shire, Florian Coulmas and GRK 1613 doctoral candidate Benjamin Rabe.

Karen Shire has been awarded a Special Appointment Professorship to the Institute of Global Leadership at Ochanomizu University from 1. October 2016 – 30 September 2018, where she is expected to contribute to research on women`s leadership and gender studies in Asian and European comparisons. She will be on leave from the UDE during this time and is replaced by Dr. Takemitsu Morikawa.

Birgit Apitzsch and Glaucia Perez-de-Silva organized an Ad-hoc group at the German Sociological Association meetings on the topic of Beyond Closed Societies? Challenges and Regulation in the Context of Cross-Border Labor

GRK 1613 Post-Doc Kei Takata and Karen Shire organized the September Seminar for doctoral candidates at the University of Tokyo from Sept. 21 – 30. More information here:

Karen Shire, Vitali Heidt and Benjamin Rabe joined the 1st NRW-Fukushima Joint Symposium on Advances in Medicine. University Hospital Essen, Essen with a talk on Social innovations with robotics in eldercare in Japan and Germany

Karen Shire organized the Panel on the Regulation of Cross-Border Labor Mobility for RC02 Economy and Society at the Third International Sociological Association Forum in Vienna, Austria July 2016/11/02