Portable and wheeled fire extinguishers are kept available for fighting incipient fires. Provision, inspection, servicing and maintenance of these devices is centrally organised by the Staff Unit for Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental Protection. For this purpose, each fire extinguisher is assigned a unique identifier that refers to the relevant room.

When is the next inspection due? Maintenance and inspection

You can see when the next inspection is due for each fire extinguisher on the servicing stamp on the right-hand side of the maintenance label.

To facilitate identification, a different colour is used for each year.

If a fire extinguisher is missing in your unit or if an extinguisher has not been inspected, please inform us immediately to allow us to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Putting knowledge into practice Fire extinguisher training

Participation in a fire safety instruction session that includes practice using a fire extinguisher is regularly offered to members of the University.

You can register via the University’s further training portal.

If you are interested in having a separate session for your organisational unit, please contact the Staff Unit for Occupational Safety & Health.