Fire safety and evacuation assistants

Fire safety and evacuation assistants are there to make sure everything runs smoothly in case of an emergency at the University. Their duty is to support the Fire Safety Officer in matters relating to fire prevention, to fight fires and to assist in the evacuation of the individuals present. The required number is established as a result of the risk assessment. If the risk of fires is normal, e.g. in office contexts, at least 5% of staff must be trained as fire safety and evacuation assistants.

Training for fire safety and evacuation assistants covers the following topics:

  • Fire safety basics
  • Fire safety management in the workplace
  • Functions and mode of operation of firefighting equipment
  • Risks entailed by fire
  • Conduct in case of a fire

The course is repeated every two to three years in order to refresh both knowledge and practical skills.

If you would like to participate in the training, please send us the consent form. Once you have completed the training, the Chancellor will officially appoint you upon approval from the staff councils.

If you have any questions relating to fire safety and evacuation assistants, please do not hesitate to contact us.