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How do we want to work in the future?

Learning from challenges Future of Work (ZdA)

The "Zukunft der Arbeit" (Future of Work) project has analyzed the medium- and long-term challenges for university administration posed by the Corona pandemic, advancing digitization, and work in the home office, and has examined in a participatory process which solutions can be integrated into the administration's daily work routine.

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Follow-up Project Transfer of Knowledge

How is work at the UDE shaped in different areas? The university administration has developed concrete ideas on this within the framework of the "Future of Work" project, on which the follow-up project „Erkenntnistransfer Zukunft der Arbeit“ (Knowledge Transfer Future of Work) is now building. It is investigating how the ideas for administration can be adapted for the science sector.

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Follow-up Project Office Working World

Creating better workspaces, enhancing creativity and work performance, strengthening exchange and the feeling of belonging to a group - and at the same time ensuring economic efficiency and sustainability in the use of space: The project "Zukunft der Arbeit@Arbeitswelt Büro" (Future of Work@Office Working World) is currently investigating how working conditions can be adapted to the requirements of the future in order to facilitate better work.

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Strategy Process Administration 2030

The strategy process „UDE Verwaltung 2030“ (UDE Administration 2030) is intended to position the university administration in its role as a central service provider in a future-proof manner and to respond creatively to the diverse challenges. Interested employees of the administration are invited to participate in one of the three project groups (workplace UDE, processes, resources).

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Service & Internal News

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2024-02-21 | CampusBombenentschärfung in der Essener Innenstadt

Rabbinerhaus betroffen

2024-02-16 | Organisation, GebaeudeAustausch der Zylinder ab dem 05. Februar

Schliessanlagen an beiden Campus

2024-02-14 | CampusBefestigungsarbeiten

Waldweg an der Carl-Benz-Straße

2024-02-09 | OrganisationSchließzeiten am Rosenmontag

12. Februar 2024

2024-02-05 | Campus,TermineAsiatisches Frühlingsfest

In den Mensen

2024-02-02 | Campus,GebaeudeWeitere Sperrungen ab dem 5. Februar erforderlich

Update zur Parkplatzsituation am Campus Duisburg

2024-01-25 | Campus,PersonalDie Modernisierung der Universitätsverwaltung aus dem Blick der Mitarbeitenden

Das virtuelle Jahresauftaktmeeting des Kanzlers 2024