Dear Incoming Students,

Welcome at the Faculty of Educational Sciences!

We offer several Bachelor, Master and Teacher Training Programmes in which you are invited to study. Besides a broad course offer in German language, we also offer some lectures in English. We run therefore a guest professorship programme within we win each semester well-kown experts from all over the world.

Please be aware, that we need a bilateral contract with your university, to accept you as ERASMUS-Incoming-Student. Here you find our partner universities

After your arrival in Germany,please visit directly the ERASMUS Coordinator at the Faculty of Educational Scienes (Dr. Bita Behravan, E-mail: , Office hours: Thursdays: 10-12, building S06, Room S06 S06 A23 ). She assists and supports you during your stay in the Faculty. Please feel free to come to her office, if you have any questions. You are always welcome!

Please also visit the website of our International Office  which provides several useful information for Incoming-Students.

We wish you an awesome and successful stay in our Faculty!

Organization of your Studies

To organize your studies here in Essen, please use the ERASMUS-Form for each course
At the end of your studies, please send all filled forms together with a prepared Transcript of Records  to Melanie Leung.

Handbook/Lectures in English

Winter Semester 2009/10

Summer Semester 2010

Winter Semester 2010/11

Summer Semester 2011

Winter Semester 2011/12

Summer Semester 2012

Winter Semester 2012/13

Summer Semester 2013

Winter Semester 2014/15

Please note that we mostly offer courses in German language! Please contact Dr. Bita Behravan ( for the course handbook.