Research at the Faculty of Chemistry

An attractive and lively research centre

Working groups

The Faculty of Chemistry comprises more than 25 scientific working groups, each of which is led by a junior researcher or a professor.

Each of them has their own research profile, and there are also many collaborations between the groups in joint projects.

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Alongside educated minds, publications are the tangible product of the Faculty of Chemistry. Each year, more than 100 publications are released at the faculty in journals and books, reporting on the results of current research.

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Coordinated programmes

Scientists from the faculty are involved in several large research networks funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG): These include special research fields, research units, priority areas and research training groups.

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Affiliated institutes

Several affiliated institutes of the university have their point of reference in the Faculty of Chemistry. These institutes are mostly active in application-oriented research.

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Research centres

The faculty is also involved with the various research centres of UDE. 

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Research data management

Data are the key asset of our scientific work. We therefore pay special attention to their usage and storage.

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