Studying at the Faculty of Chemistry

A diverse range of studies under the umbrella of chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen offers the following accredited study programmes::

B.Sc./M.Sc. Chemistry

In the combination of the B.Sc. and M.Sc. study programmes, we convey a broad picture of all aspects of chemistry.

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M.Sc. Medical-Biological Chemistry

An alternative to the M.Sc. Chemistry

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B.Sc./M.Sc Water Science

More information is provided on the Homepage Water Science.

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Teacher training programmes

  • Bachelor/master study programme in chemistry with teacher training option
  1. Secondary education (German Haupt-, Real- und Gesamtschulen - HRG)
  2. Secondary education (German Gymnasien und Gesamtschulen - GyGe)
  3. Vocational college (German Berufskolleg - BK), bachelor/master study programme in biotechnology with teacher training option at a vocational college
  • Bachelor/master study programme in primary school teaching, learning area “III Sachunterricht” (general education)
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Student support services

We have established a close-knit network of information, advice, and quality assurance for students at the university.


Studiport is where students can find the right offerings to best support them as they begin their studies. There, you can check your level of mathematics knowledge in areas relevant to your studies or expand your knowledge.

Studiport is currently being converted to ORCA.

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First semester brochure

Here, we have put together a first semester brochure for chemistry students, which contains all the important information for a successful start to your studies.

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Organisation of the study programme

Here you can view  general and sample timetables.

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Student counselling & mentoring

Student counselling is also provided by student counsellors, the study programme coordinator, and through the mentoring system, in which each student is assigned a student tutor.

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Student representation

All student concerns are dealt with by the Chemistry Water Science student councils as part of self-administration.

ABZ (Academic Advisory Centre)

Within the individual study programmes, the "Academic Advisory Centre“ offers a good compact overview with entry requirements and career opportunities.

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The writing workshop

Help with writing specialist texts can be found in the writing workshop of the Institute for Optional Studies, the IOS. 

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Module handbooks

A complete overview of all the modules available for selection with a detailed description of content, examinations, and achievable points can be found in the Module handbooks“ for each study programme.

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Who? Where? When? The LSF

All the information about lectures, practical courses and the rest of the programme can be found in the LSF.

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