Organisation of the Faculty of Chemistry

Central services

The Faculty of Chemistry offers a wide range of services for the entire university. A number of modern large-scale devices and special analytical procedures are available as services for other working groups. They are each located within a working group (AK) of the faculty and are operated by full-time specialists.

Experimental methods

Microanalytics (AK Epple; Robin Meya; Beate Römer); Room S07 S00 D47; Tel.: 183-2881

Mass spectrometry (AK Schmuck; Dipl.-Ing. Werner Karow); Room S05 T00 A24; Tel.: 183-3090

NMR spectroscopy (AK Schrader; Dr. Torsten Schaller; Felix Niemeyer); Room S07 S00 C35; Tel.: 183-3086

X-ray structure analysis (AK Schulz, AK Epple; Dr. Oleg Prymak, Dr. Christoph Wölper); Room S07 S02 C39; Tel.: 183-2401

Scanning electron microscopy (AK Epple; Tobias Bochmann; Ursula Giebel; Dr. Kataryna Loza); Room S05 V00 E08; Tel.: 183-2896


The software packagesChemDraw and Mnova are licensed through the faculty. You can find out more about their use here.

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