Before studying at the Faculty of Chemistry

Trial course at UDE

The Faculty of Chemistry regularly offers students in grades 10-13 the opportunity to join a trial course. Each winter semester, the Faculty of Chemistry opens its doors on Tuesdays to invite interested school groups to gain an insight into the world of molecules through lectures, experiments, viewings and guided tours and thus to help them make decisions about degree courses later on.

Programme of the trial course in Chemistry for the winter semester 2022/23

Please register for the events before 14.10.2022 to:

Jolanta Polkowska                 E-Mail:, Tel.: 0201/183-6215

Please provide: name, address, e-mail, telephone, name of event, school and address (incl. e-mail address), grade level


Map of the Essen Campus

The trial course at the UDE

The trial course at the UDE is coordinated via the Academic Advisory Centre (ABZ).