Before studying at the Faculty of Chemistry

Early study at UDE

Since the winter semester of 2003/2004, the University of Duisburg-Essen has offered high-performing and highly motivated students in the upper school level (or even earlier in exceptional cases) the opportunity to regularly attend standard courses in all faculties.

The early students can already acquire qualified performance credits even before gaining their high school diploma, which they can then use for a later course of study. The aim of this initiative is firstly to give unchallenged school pupils an extracurricular intellectual challenge, and on the other hand to help them to choose their degree course and profession. The early students also get prior insights into day-to-day student life and therefore feel less like newcomers when they actually start their university courses. The project is organised by the Academic Advisory Centre for Study and Careers.

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5.10.2011 WAZ article on early study