Working groups of the Faculty of Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

A. Galstyan: Photoaktive Nanomaterials

S. Heiles: Lipidomics

T. C. Schmidt: Substance-specific isotope analytics

O.J.Schmitz: Chromatography and mass spectrometry

Organic Chemistry

G. Haberhauer: Chiral molecular machines

N.N.: Functional supramolecular systems and self-assembled nanomaterials

T.Schrader: Biosupramolecular chemistry

M. Giese: Functional liquid crystalline aggregates

J.Niemeyer: Supramolecular catalysts and chemosensors

J.Voskuhl: Biosupramolecular chemistry

Inorganic chemistry

S. Disch: Inorganic material chemistry

M. Epple: Solid state chemistry

K. Exner: Theoretical inorganic chemistry

S. Schulz: Preparative organometallic chemistry

Physical chemistry

K. F. Domke: solid/liquid interfaces and spectro-elektrochemistry

J. Gutmann: Polymer nanoparticles and hybrid materials  

E. Hasselbrink: Chemical reactions on surfaces

C. Mayer: Soft nanocapsules and nanoparticles

S. Schlücker: Molecular biophotonics and nanodiagnostics

Environmental microbiology and biotechnology (UMB)

R. Meckenstock:    Pollutant degradation in groundwater     

B. Siebers: Carbohydrate metabolism in archaea from basics to application

Technical chemistry

S. Barcikowski: Nanoparticles by laser ablation                          

M. Ulbricht: Intelligent polymers and membranes

C. Andronescu: Electrochemical catalysis


Didactics of Chemistry

M. Ropohl: Diagnosis and motivation

S. Rumann: Problem-solving and the didactics of general elementary studies

E. Sumfleth: Prerequisites and environments for learning

M. Walpuski: Experimental phases and competence measuring

Theoretical chemistry

G. Jansen: Quantum chemical methods for intermolecular forces

E. Spohr: Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations

Research Center One Health Ruhr

A. ProbstEnvironmental Metagenomics