Organisation of the Faculty of Chemistry


The Deanery coordinates and manages all the faculty’s central processes.


Prof. Dr. Torsten C. Schmidt

Instrumental Analytical Chemistry

Room S05 V02 E19
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183 6774
        +49 (0)201 183 6772



The Dean leads the faculty and represents it within the university. He chairs the Faculty Council. His tasks, in consultation within the Deanery and with the Faculty Council, include the following in particular:

  • Resource planning, including finances, staff and rooms
  • Appointment and retention matters
  • Faculty development planning
  • Central service laboratory

Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Maik Walpuski

Didactics of Chemistry

Room SL 203D
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183 3764


Fittosize _600 0 C7a8ba77e10742f852c249740cad9e99 Foto Walpuski

The Vice Dean, like the Dean of Studies, represents the Dean when he is absent. In addition, the Vice Dean is the first contact person for the following tasks:

  • Contact person in the area of research, particularly for the research report and the advancement of young researchers, as well as support for applications for coordinated programmes on the part of the Deanery
  • Contact person for the occupational safety department and contact for issues relating to occupational safety and workplace hygiene
  • Organiser and contact for annual status talks with the specialist subjects or working groups

Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Jochen S. Gutmann

Physical Chemistry

Room S05 R00 L86
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183 2566



The Dean of Studies, like the Vice Dean, represents the Dean when they are absent. In addition, the Dean of Studies is the first contact person for the following tasks:

  • Contact person for matters relating to study
  • Contact person for equality, diversity, social responsibility, and internationality
  • Organiser and contact person for matters relating to quality management and external representation

Programme Coordinator

Dr. Jolanta Polkowska

Room S05 V02 E43
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183 6215
Fax: +49 (0)201 183 6840



Contact person for all matters relating to maternity protection and compensation for disadvantages (for students and staff)

Assistant to the Dean

Monika Marreck

Room S05 T02 B41
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183 3194
Fax: +49 (0)201 183 933194



Office hours on Tuesdays and Fridays by appointment!

Otherwise contactable by e-mail!

Doctoral and appointment procedures

Raya Schindler-Slavova

Room S05 T02 B48
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183 2336



IT Systems Technician

Tim Engeln

Room S05 T03 H97



Dekanat Chemie
Universitätsstr. 5
45141 Essen
Raum S05 T02 B41

Deanery Meeting Room
Room S05 T02 B45