A support programme for young researchers at the UDE

Reimbursement of costs for child care needs in special situations

One aim of the UDE is to significantly improve the working conditions of young researchers in the doctoral and postdoctoral phase. To achieve this, several support measures are provided at the UDE. Young researchers with children are confronted with special challenges. Combining an academic career with care responsibilities demands flexibility and organizational efforts.

In order to improve the conditions for young researchers with children, they are supported by the programme “Feuerwehrtopf”. Through this fund, extra child care costs in special situations can partly be reimbursed.  This also holds for students in the final phase of their examinations.  

Such special needs or emergency situations can be the sudden illness of a child or extra childcare costs resulting from the illness of the main care person and the engagement of an extra babysitter or day-care person. Additional childcare or accommodation costs that may arise due to the participation in a conference, an external meeting or other work-related important events can also be reimbursed on request.

Ute Klammer, Vice Rector for Diversity Management

What does the programme cover?

- Reimbursement of costs for care needs in special situations
- Up to 50% of the costs, max. € 300 per request

Who can apply?

- Assistant professors, postdocs, PhD candidates, research assistants, in cases of particular hardship also students in the final stage  of their studies
- Mother or father of children under 12 years, with handicapped children of any age

In which cases may reimbursement of costs be requested?

In a special care situation, for example:
- The sudden illness of a care person
- The participation in a conference or a similar event
- An official trip
- During the final stage of a postdoctoral or doctoral thesis (habilitation, PhD), in particular situations also a Master or Bachelor thesis or in similar situations

How can reimbursement of costs be requested?

- You can fill in the form and send it by e-mail, fax or mail
- Following documents must be submitted in copy:

  • Cost statement
  • Copy of birth certificate of the child / children
  • Proof of the study/examination period (if applicable)
  • Programme of the event or flyer, official travel request, etc. (if applicable)
  • Proof of an existing disability or chronic condition of the child (if applicable)