Biaxial tensile testing machine 50 kN

Biaxial tensile testing machine - 50 kN

Servo-hydraulic static biaxial tensile testing machine - 50 kN (Walter + Bai)

With our biaxial tensile testing machine, both force-controlled and strain-controlled force-strain measurements can be performed.
Either both axes can be force or strain controlled, or one axis can be strain controlled and one axis force controlled independently.
The strains are recorded contact-free via an optical measuring system.

The measurements can either be carried out with project-specific load specifications, according to standards such as DIN EN 17117-1, MSAJ/M-02-1995 or according to the European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures.

When measuring according to the mentioned test methods, the determination of elastic constants (tensile stiffnesses and Poisson's ratio) can be carried out according to the evaluation specifications of the standards.

The execution of component tests (e.g. edge details) is possible.

Tempered experiments (-30 to 70 °C) can be performed by using a tempering chamber.

Technical data:
Maximum static test load: 50 kN
Maximum stroke per piston: 150 mm
Maximum test speed: 1,5 (kN/m)/s (force controlled)
Specimen geometry. Cross specimens with 200 mm wide test area
Test temperatures: -30 to 70°C