Tensile strength

Tensile strengths and corresponding strain values belong to the common results of monoaxial tensile tests. Further it is possible for us to test welding seams and edge details at our 50 kN test mashine. Of course, we also offer the tests tempered (-60 °C bis +125 °C ) by using our tempering chamber.

We offer you:

  • Static monoaxial tensile tests to determine tensile strength, yield strength and elongation
  • Component tests (for example edge details)
  • Determination of the residual strength after buckling load
  • Tempering of the tests (-60 °C bis +125 °C )

We work with the standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 527
  • DIN EN ISO 1421
  • DIN EN ISO 13934

Creep and relaxation behaviour

The long-term material properties are an important factor especially for membrane structures with a long service life. In this context, the loss of pretensioning force or the change in elongation over time are particularly decisive.
In the course of this, the ELLF offers endurance tests to investigate the relaxation or creep of materials with different service lives.

We carry out our creep tests according to DIN EN ISO 899.

Tear propagation

Tear propagation tests form a basis for damage prevention. With the help of this test procedure it is possible to determine the resistance of the tear propagation of your material against a defined pre-damage. This allows the risk of crack propagation due to poor quality or accidents to be assessed. The results help in the selection of materials for your project.

We offer tear propagation tests according to the standards:

  • DIN 53363
  • DIN EN 1875-3
  • ASTM D 5587
  • JIS L 1096

Ahesive strength

In the separation test to determine the adhesive strength, the coating is separated from the fabric material. Good adhesion is a basic requirement for the qualitative formation of seam joints. The coating is separated from the fabric by means of a weld seam and then the force required to completely peel off the coating is determined with our 50 kN tensile testing mashine.

Our offered adhesion tests comply with the specifications:

  • in accordance to the DIBt directive
  • DIN EN 15619, Annex B
  • DIN EN ISO 2411
  • ASTM D 4851

Fatigue strength

The viscoelastic behaviour of technical fabrics is an important component in the planning of membrane construction projects. One way to determine this is through endurance tests. With our testing mashine we are able to offer you temperature-controlled (23 °C - 70 °C) test conditions.

The tests are carried out according to:

  • DIN 53835