Universal test machine - 50 kN

Static universal test machine

Static universal test machine - 50 kN (Zwick/Roell)

Tensile strength tests in accordance with or based on DIN EN ISO 1421, DIN 53354, DIN EN ISO 527-3, DIN EN ISO 13934-1, ASTM D4851, ASTM D 5035 or similar test methods can be performed on strip specimens up to a maximum width of 240 mm.

The residual strength after buckling stresses in accordance with or based on ASTM D 4851 (Crease-Fold-Test), DIN EN 1876-2 (modified loop impact test) or the Essen method (own test system) can be determined.

The execution of component tests (e.g. edge details) is possible.

The strains are recorded either via the traverse path or via an optical measuring system.

Tear propagation tests can be performed on incision specimens in accordance with or based on DIN 53363, DIN EN 1875-3, ASTM D 5587 or JIS L 1096.

The adhesive strength can be determined according to the guidelines of the DIBt (separation test) and ASTM D 4851.

Tensile tests on belts or ropes are possible up to the maximum test load of the machine.

Tempered tests (-60 to 125 °C) can be performed by using a tempering chamber.

Maximum static test load: 50 kN

A 2 kN load cell can be installed for the application of small forces.