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Textbooks for Japanese Language Course “Intensive Japanese I” (MA CEAS I)

Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I (3A) /
みんなの日本語 初級 I (スリーエーネットワーク):

  • Main textbook (2nd Edition) /
    本冊(第二版)ISBN: 978-4-88319-603-6
  • Grammar book (English Version / 2nd Edition) /
    翻訳・文法解説 (英語版/第二版)ISBN: 978-4-88319-604-3
  • Kanji book (English Version / 2nd Edition) /
    漢字(英語版/第二版) ISBN: 978-4-88319-683-8

The set price is approx. 72 Euro.
You can order the books by sending an E-mail to (Ms. Sugita) titled “Book order / Japanese”.
We need your order by September 24, 2017.

The books can be purchased in Room LE 604 (Campus Duisburg) at the beginning of the Winter Semester 2017/18.

Japanese Language Team

Preparation for Japanese Course

The M.A. CEAS students who choose to learn Japanese can already start learning two kinds of Japanese letters (hiragana & katakana) as a preparation. You are even encouraged to do so since there is not much time to learn them so quickly once the semester starts!

As mentioned above one is called hiragana and used for function words and Japanese words. The other is called katakana and used mostly for loan words.

Here are some links to help you learning:

  1. Table of Hiragana with reading help
  2. Table of Hiragana with stroke order
  3. Table of Katakana with reading help
  4. Table of Katakana with stroke order

To practice both characters, you can use these excercise sheets: Hiragana & Katakana

Have fun!