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Textbooks for Japanese Language Course
“Intensive Japanese I” (MA CEAS I)

For information regarding textbooks and book orders: (Mr. Takai).

Admitted students receive detailed instructions on the books used, the way to order them and on obligatory preparation assignments.

Preparation for Japanese Language Course

The MA CEAS students who choose to learn Japanese can already start learning two kinds of Japanese letters (hiragana & katakana) as a preparation. You are even encouraged to do so since there is not much time to learn them so quickly once the semester starts!

As mentioned above one is called hiragana and used for function words and Japanese words. The other is called katakana and used mostly for loan words.

Here are some links to help you learning:

  1. Table of Hiragana with reading help
  2. Table of Hiragana with stroke order
  3. Table of Katakana with reading help
  4. Table of Katakana with stroke order

To practice both characters, you can use these excercise sheets: Hiragana & Katakana

Have fun!

Textbooks for Intensive Chinese I

汉语教程·第一册上-第3版 (含 MP3-CD)
Hanyu Jiaocheng (Chinese Course) Textbook 1A – Third Edition [+ MP3-CD]
ISBN-10: 7-5619-4530-2      ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-4530-8

汉语教程·第一册下-第3版(含 MP3-CD)
Hanyu Jiaocheng (Chinese Course) Textbook 1B – Third Edition [+ MP3-CD]
ISBN-10: 7-5619-4547-7      ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-4547-6

The total price is about 25,00 Euro. You can find them on or on Amazon.

Please note that there are different editions of this series of books with the same ISBN. The one with this cover is that we will be using.

In Intensive Chinese I we will finish Textbook 1A and the first 9 chapters in Textbook 1B. Please procure the first book in time for the start of the language course.

Hanyu Jiaocheng 1a

     Hanyu Jiaocheng 1b

Textbooks for Intensive Chinese II

汉语教程·第一册下-第3版(含 MP3-CD)
Hanyu Jiaocheng (Chinese Course) Textbook 1B – Third Edition [+ MP3-CD]
ISBN-10: 7-5619-4547-7      ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-4547-6

汉语教程·第二册上-第3版(含 MP3-CD)
Hanyu Jiaocheng (Chinese Course) Textbook 2A – Third Edition [+ MP3-CD]
ISBN-10: 7-5619-4638-4      ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-4638-1

Hanyu Jiaocheng 1b

     Hanyu Jiaocheng 2a

Textbooks for Intensive Chinese III

汉语教程·第二册下-第3版(含 MP3-CD)
Hanyu Jiaocheng (Chinese Course) Textbook 2B – Third Edition [+ MP3-CD]
ISBN-10: 7-5619-4639-2      ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-4639-8

Hanyu Jiaocheng 2b

Preparation for Intensive Chinese I

For students who have already decided to learn Chinese and have interests to do some preview, you can start with learning Pinyin. Pinyin is the official romanization system for Standard Mandarin Chinese. It consists of three parts. The initials, the finals and the tones. Please try reading the Pinyin letters by following the CD and description of articulation on Textbook 1A.

You can also follow the Study Guidance online:

Looking forward to seeing you in the Chinese course!

Textbooks for “Intensive Korean I” (MA CEAS)

During the introductory phase the course will begin by using the first volume (Level 1A) of the NEW Seoul National University Series.

You will need both Student Book and Workbook

서울대 한국어 1A Student’s Book. ISBN 978-89-539-3428-3
서울대 한국어 1A Workbook. ISBN 978-89-539-3440-5

Students Book 1a  Workbook 1a

CAREFUL: Do not confuse with the older Seoul National series!

After some weeks we will begin to shift to the textbooks from the demanding but more suitable “University Korean” series of Yonsei University. On each level you will need to have four books, in Beginners 1 these are:

연세 대학한국어 어휘 문법 초급Ⅰ Yonsei Academic Korean Beginning 1.
ISBN 978-89-6850-154-8
대학 생활을 위한 한국어 말하기 초급Ⅰ Korean Speaking ... Beginning 1.
ISBN 9 78-89-6850-132-6
대학 생활을 위한 한국어 듣기 초급Ⅰ Korean Listening … Beginning 1.
ISBN 978-89-6850-133-3
대학 생활을 위한 한국어 쓰기 초급Ⅰ Korean Writing … Beginning 1.
ISBN 978-89-6850-134-0

Korean Academic  Korean Speaking  Korean Listening
  Korean Writing

Unless you can deal with Korean-language websites, these books can unfortunately only be ordered via expensive specialist Internet sites (e.g. or on request at

You can, however, take part in a group order with the Spanisch site AprendeCoreanoHoy that offers our groups a good price with a good discountIf you are interested please write an E-mail to AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Due to the current situation there will only be one opportunity for you to organise a group order so we will have to order all six books at once. The price for the books is 147 Euros but we will use the books until way into the 2nd semester. Deadline for placing your group order is 28 September 2020. This order is binding and cannot be cancelled!

Your Korean language lecturer
Stefan Knoob

Preparation for Korean Language Course

Participants in the Korean language programme are expected to learn how to write Korean in the Hangul script before beginning the course. Note that by this we mean that they have not simply learned the single letters but also learnt and practiced how to write whole words. When doing so take note that learning the correct writing direction and stroke order sequence is essential for producing natural handwriting later on. There are lots of good online resources for this, many of which also include sound recordings to practice writing and pronounciation together. The following is a recommended selection:

How to write Hangul PDF
Indiana University Hangul Flash with Sound
Indiana University Basic Vocabulary with Sound
Learn-Hangul Dot Com
How-To-Study-Korean Dot Com (Hangul)

Enjoy learning and see you for the course!

Information Regarding Possible Stays Abroad

Please find here documents and information about a possible stay abroad in East Asia (study or internship) during your last MA semester.

First, please check this general information sheet carefully. It also contains the deadlines.

If you are sure you would like to apply for a stay abroad please use this application form.

If you have been invited to and attended the information meeting but have not yet submitted your statement of commitment, please print it out here, fill out and sign it and submit it a.s.a.p. to Ms. Melanie Kogler.

Data Protection: Your details are covered by the full set of data protection laws that are valid at the time of writing.

Information Regarding the Registration of MA Theses

Make sure to talk to Ms Kogler before registering your thesis.

Please note that while information on MA thesis registration is still correct, the regulations for MA thesis submission are currently different due to COVID-19. Please contact Ms. Kogler well in advance of your planned submission date to find out about the current procedures.

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