Papers 2014Papers of the Faculty of Mathematics

Nr. 774: YURKO, V.:
Spectral Analysis for Differential Operators of Variable Orders on Star-type Graphs: General Case [PDF]

Nr. 775: FREILING, G., YURKO, V.:
Differential Operators on Hedgehog-type Graphs with General Matching Conditions [PDF]

Nr. 776: ANJAM, I., PAULY, D.:
Functional A Posteriori Error Equalities for Conforming Mixed Approximations of Elliptic Problems [PDF]

Nr. 777: PAULY, D.:
On the Maxwell Constants in 3D

Nr. 778: POZZI, P.:
Computational Anisotropic Willmore Flow [Author]

Lectures on the Theory of entire Functions [PDF]

Nr. 780: BLATT, S., REITER, PH.:
Modeling repulsive forces on fibres via knot energies [PDF] [doi]

Nr. 781: NEFF, P., GHIBA, I.-D., LANKEIT, J.:
The exponentiated Hencky-logarithmic strain energy. Part I: Constitutive issues and rank-one convexity [PDF]

Nr. 782: NEFF, P., MÜNCH, I., MARTIN, R.:
Rediscovering G.F. Becker's early axiomatic deduction of a multiaxial nonlinear stress-strain relation based on logarithmic strain [PDF]

Nr. 783: NEFF, P., GHIBA, I.-D., MADEO, A., PLACIDI, L., ROSI, G.:
A unifying perspective: the relaxed linear micromorphic continuum [PDF]

Nr. 784: MÜLLER, F.:
On \(C^{1,1/2}\)-regularity of \(H\)-surfaces with a free boundary [PDF]

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