Sustainable Production Management

Lecture information

5 ECTS, 3 SWS, Presence performance: 45 hours, Own performance: 105 hours, German


The course gives an overview of the issues of strategic, tactical and operational production management. Various applications of selected methods and algorithms for production management are presented. Furthermore, life cycle assessment (LCA) as a method for evaluating the sustainability of processes and products is presented and discussed on the basis of case studies.

Learning goals

The students

  • are proficient in the technical terms of production management and understand business process performance,

  • can describe production processes on the basis of various characteristics and know criteria for evaluating their performance,

  • can apply basic algorithms to problems of material requirements, batch sizes, scheduling and capacity planning,

  • know management concepts in production,

  • know the concept of sustainability

  • know methods of life cycle assessment (LCA) and can apply them to simple examples.

Advance performance


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Examination requirements:

  • Regular attendance of the lecture with independent preparation and follow-up work

  • Voluntary additional work: Solving exercises for self-study

  • Lecture notes: Nachhaltiges Produktionsmanagement

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