Operations Research for Industrial Engineers

Lecture information

4 ECTS, 3 SWS, Presence performance: 45 hours, Own performance: 75 hours, German


Operations Research (OR) covers the development and use of quantitative models and methods for decision support. In this course, students learn the basic models and methods of operations research to be able to model and solve selected decision problems from business practice and to interpret the solutions.

The course gives an overview of methods for solving quantitative business decision problems:

  • Linear Optimisation

  • Graph Theory

  • Transport and Routing Problems, Scheduling

  • Integer and Combinatorial Optimisation

  • Dynamic Optimisation

  • Queueing Theory

The topics of the lecture will be deepened and practised in weekly tutorials. The tutorials start in the second week of the lecture.

Learning goals

The students are familiar with the basics of Operations Research and can select and use suitable models for decision-making problems in business and industry. They

  • know the basics of mathematical optimisation and Operations Research,

  • are able to model and solve simple optimisation problems and interpret the solutions,

  • are able to draw basic conclusions with regard to the performance and applicability of the methods covered in this lecture.

Advance performance


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Examination requirements:

  • Regular attendance of the lecture with independent preparation and follow-up work

  • Participation in the exercises within the framework of the lecture and the tutorials with independent preparation and follow-up work

  • Solving exercises in the Moodle platform for self-study

  • Lecture notes: Operations Research für Wirtschaftsingenieure

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