Master Seminar on Sustainable Production and Operations Management (Production and Operations Management 4)

General information

5 ECTS, 3 SWS, Presence performance: 45 hours, Own performance: 105 hours, German


In this seminar, questions on current topics of production and operations management (POM) are examined by means of well-known methods of Operations Research (OR) or Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Students will be given a mathematical model or concept, which they first understand and extend in a meaningful way. The students then implement their solution and present it in a comprehensible way.

Learning goals

The students

  • apply known methods and approaches from Operations Research or the ecological sustainability assessment of products or production processes to a specific problem from corporate practice,

  • use their own knowledge in the consideration of the problem,

  • critically discuss their own results as well as the results of other students,

  • present the results of their work in writing and orally.

Advance performance
Knowledge of operations research and production management
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The course includes joint classroom sessions as well as self-study work and is organised according to the following structure:

  • The topics are assigned within the framework of a joint kick-off event. The students have the opportunity to express preferences within the topics offered. The topics themselves differ in the method used and the area of application from the field of sustainable production management.

  • In preparation for writing the seminar paper, introductory literature will be handed out for each topic.

  • The topics are then dealt with by the students in self-study.

  • The self-study is supplemented by joint classroom sessions where students are given the opportunity to address open questions and receive feedback on the work done so far.

The results of the work will be presented in the form of a final presentation followed by a discussion.

General examination requirements:

1. participation in the events

2. model implementation is possible in groups (2-3 persons per topic).

3. written elaboration of a topic (15 pages per person)

4. oral presentation

Assessment criteria:

  • Content - 30 % (presentation of the problem, explanation of the model, meaningful discussion of the results)

  • Practical part - 30 % (implementation of the model and choice of a problem instance, independence)

  • Form - 20 % (structure of the work, citation, language, technical vocabulary, spelling, all other formal requirements)

  • Participation in the seminar discussion - 20 %

This seminar is primarily aimed at students of the specialisation Production Management in the Master's degree programme Industrial Engineering and Management. If sufficient capacities are available, students of other specialisations can also participate in the seminar.


Selected essays from scientific journals to be announced in the course.