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24.11.2021 100th anniversary of the The German Academic Association of Business Research e.V. (VHB)

On 26.11.2021 our association will be 100 years old. We celebrate a century of business administration as science at universities.

Celebrate with us!

Starting Friday, you will find our "100 Highlights of Business Administration" at In the following 100 days, a virtual door will open every day. Behind it, you will find one of 100 highlights of business administration.

13.10.2020 New Publication

The chair is included with the following contributions in the Operations Research Proceedings 2019 of the Society for Operations Research:

Pohl E., Scharpenberg C., Geldermann J. (2020) Assessment of Energy and Emission Reduction Measures in Container Terminals using PROMETHEE for Portfolio Selection. In: Neufeld J.S., Buscher U., Lasch R., Möst D., Schönberger J. (eds) Operations Research Proceedings 2019. Operations Research Proceedings (GOR (Gesellschaft für Operations Research e.V.)). Springer, Cham.

Maassen K., Perez-Gonzalez P. (2020) Diversity of Processing Times in Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems. In: Neufeld J.S., Buscher U., Lasch R., Möst D., Schönberger J. (eds) Operations Research Proceedings 2019. Operations Research Proceedings (GOR (Gesellschaft für Operations Research e.V.)). Springer, Cham.

Hipp A., Geldermann J. (2020) Constructive Heuristics in Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling with Unrelated Machines and Setup Times. In: Neufeld J.S., Buscher U., Lasch R., Möst D., Schönberger J. (eds) Operations Research Proceedings 2019. Operations Research Proceedings (GOR (Gesellschaft für Operations Research e.V.)). Springer, Cham.

04.10.2020 New Publication: Life Cycle Assessment of Synthetic Natural Gas Production from Different CO2 Sources: A Cradle-to-Gate Study

Life Cycle Assessment of Synthetic Natural Gas Production from Different CO2 Sources: A Cradle-to-Gate Study
Eleonora Bargiacchi, Nils Thonemann, Jutta Geldermann, Marco Antonelli und Umberto Desideri

Fuel production from hydrogen and carbon dioxide is considered an attractive solution as long-term storage of electric energy and as temporary storage of carbon dioxide. A large variety of CO2 sources are suitable for Carbon Capture Utilization (CCU), and the process energy intensity depends on the separation technology and, ultimately, on the CO2 concentration in the flue gas. Since the carbon capture process emits more CO2 than the expected demand for CO2 utilization, the most sustainable CO2 sources must be selected. This work aimed at modeling a Power-to-Gas (PtG) plant and assessing the most suitable carbon sources from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective. The PtG plant was supplied by electricity from a 2030 scenario for Italian electricity generation. The plant impacts were assessed using data from the ecoinvent database version 3.5, for different CO2 sources (e.g., air, cement, iron, and steel plants). A detailed discussion on how to handle multi-functionality was also carried out. The results showed that capturing CO2 from hydrogen production plants and integrated pulp and paper mills led to the lowest impacts concerning all investigated indicators. The choice of how to handle multi-functional activities had a crucial impact on the assessment.


Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Stiftung

25.06.2020 Heraeus seminar on ‘Thermal and Chemical Energy Storage: Scientific Challenges and Technological Relevance‘

From 22.03 - 25.03.2021 the 743rd WE-Heraeus seminar will take place. Prof. Geldermann will participate in the seminar as invited speaker. 
Topic of the seminar: Process Integration, Chemical and Thermal Energy Storage for the Energy Transformation

Further Information

20.04.2020 82nd Annual Conference of the Association of University Professors of Business Administration (VHB)

In March 2020, Prof. Jutta Geldermann was elected to the Executive Board of the Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V. at its (digitised) 82nd annual conference. The VHB has more than 2,600 members. The goal of the VHB as the professional association of business administration professors in the German-speaking countires is the promotion and further development of business administration as a socially relevant, internationally connectable and forward-looking academic discipline. Prof. Geldermann is the deputy chairwoman of the board of directors and responsible for research and publications from January 2021 to December 2022. In addition, she is designated Chairperson of the VHB from 2023 - 2024. Prof. Geldermann is very pleased about the trust placed in her by her colleagues. This honorary position also contributes to the visibility of our university as well as to the reputation of business administration at our faculty in Duisburg.

Current Information

With all our exams for the winter semester 2019/20 written and already corrected as planned and all outstanding project meetings and business trips completed, the Chair would like to minimize the further risks that could result from the Corona pandemic. In particular, we would not like to contribute to the spread of the virus ourselves.

After several states and federal states have stopped teaching at schools and universities, we will therefore refrain from personal meetings and unnecessary travel as far as possible until after the NRW Easter holidays.

The lectures of the professorship will start on April 8, 2020, and we are currently preparing the contents for the lectures digitally. We will provide you with further information on the use of Moodle etc. by April 06, 2020 at the latest. 

On 21.4. we will announce dates for exam reviews, provided that it will be possible to plan the review in a resonable way.

We expect to receive regular mail. We can be reached by email  at the usual times. We will make sure that mails to the address are read and answered regularly.

We thank you for your understanding!

02.03.2020 Supply Chain Day April 16, 2020

On April 16, 2020 companies from the industrial, trading and logistics services sectors take visitors behind the scenes of logistics and supply chain management. Participants gain an insight into the wide variety of logistics and supply chain management activities performed every day. Institutes open their doors and showcase their logistics and supply chain management projects. Educational and training centres present their seminars and courses in the field of logistics and supply chain management. 

A list of the participating companies an application possibilities you find here:

New research project: SALAM2

The research project "SALAM 2: Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Strategies for Solving the Water Deficit Problem in the Middle East" aims to develop integrated planning tools for sustainable use and adaptation of sustainable water technologies to different climatic, economic and social conditions. The project has a duration from 2020-2021 and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).  

Further information.

EFZN Volume 61

08.01.2020 Project completion and final report of the project NEDS - Sustainable Energy Supply Lower Saxony

After more than four years, the project NEDS - Sustainable Energy Supply Lower Saxony was successfully completed. You can find the official final report here.

A comprehensive project documentation can be found in the EFZN publication series volume 61:
"Development of a Process for Integrated Development and Evaluation of Energy Scenarios for Lower Saxony - Final report of the research project NEDS - Nachhaltige Energieversorgung Niedersachsen". As well as in further subject-specific publications

Journal of Decision Systems

04.12.2019 New publication

Schröder, T.; Geldermann, J.:
Improving planning by integrating spatial data into decision support systems. 

Journal of Decision Systems (2019) [Paper]

For many decision problems, the spatial availability of inputs or the spatial distribution of customers are important decision parameters that should be considered as precisely as possible. One example of such a decision problem is the strategic planning of so-called biorefineries. Biorefineries generate a variety of products from biomass, and their overall economic performance strongly depends on the regional availability of the scattered biomass inputs. However, spatial data is often omitted from performance analyses. In this paper, we show how spatial data can indeed be integrated into a decision support system using pre-editing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GIS-Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Towards this end, we describe the integration of spatial data into the planning process for two different biorefinery concepts in two different regions.KEYWORDS: GIS, spatial data, strategic planning, biomass biorefinery

Journal of Cleaner Production

05.11.2019 New publication

Witt, T.; Dumeier, M.; Geldermann, J.:
Combining scenario planning, energy system analysis, and multi-criteria analysis to develop and evaluate energy scenarios.
Journal of Cleaner Production (2019)  [Paper]

The transition from the current electricity system to a renewable electricity supply poses immense economic, technological, and policy challenges. Energy system models represent the complexity of interactions in combined processes from extraction of primary energy to the use of the final energy to supply services and goods. While these models were originally focused on energy security and costs, climate change, as the most pressing environmental concern as well as sustainability in general require the consideration of a broader range of decision-relevant aspects. In this context, scenario planning and multi-criteria decision-making can complement energy system analysis in the development and evaluation of energy scenarios. Therefore, we propose a combination of these three methods and illustrate it in a case study that investigates the transition of the electricity sector in Lower Saxony, Germany, to energy from renewable sources. The results of our case study show that the integration of multi-criteria analysis allows for better Problem structuring by focusing on relevant alternatives, external uncertainties, and evaluation criteria. The integration of scenario planning allows for a systematic investigation of external uncertainties. Thereby, the fallacy of investigating particular assumptions for uncertain parameters, which are however not consistent with the assumptions in the scenario, can be avoided. Finally, combining the methods allows for a more balanced and objective evaluation of alternative energy systems in terms of multiple criteria, which can be used to inform discussions among stakeholders and may thus increase acceptance.

04.11.2019 Colloquium of the Institute for Industrial Engineering and Management

Invitation to the lecture of Dr. Kwai-Sang Chin from the City University, Hong Kong titled:

Contemporary Engineering Management and Data Analytics

Thursday, 7.11.2019 11:00 - 11:45 Seminar room BC 319

Further information

20.10.2019 DAAD - Project-Related Exchange with CityU Hong Kong

Members of the chair participated in the DAAD Exchange Service at City University in Hong Kong. The aim of the project is the scientific exchange between the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management of the CityU Hong Kong and the Chair of Business Administration and Production Management.

James Watt Medaille

04.10.2019 James Watt Medal

The paper „Optimising power grids using batteries and fuzzy control of photovoltaic generation”, written by Dr. Tobias Lühn and Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann,  won the “James Watt Medal” as a ICE Publishing Award 2019  of the British Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

20.09.2019 OR2019 – Annual International Conference of the German Operations Research Society

The chair held five talks at the conference:

  1. Constructive heuristics in hybrid flow shop scheduling with unrelated machines and setup time (Andreas Hipp)
  2. Diversity of processing times in permutation flowshop scheduling problems (Kathrin Maassen)
  3. Decision support for sustainable regional food distribution (Christina Scharpenberg)
  4. Assessment of energy and emission reducing measures in container terminals using PROMETHE (Erik Pohl)
  5. Combining scenario planning, energy system analysis, and multi-criteria analysis to develop and evaluate energy scenarios (Jutta Geldermann)


New Perspectives in Multiple Criteria Decision Making

17.05.2019 New Perspectives in Multiple Criteria Decision Making

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research findings in multi-criteria decision analysis and related areas. The articles have been written by leading scientists in this field and provide an outlook on future developments in the field.

The chapter "Perspectives on Multi-criteria Decision Analysis and Life-Cycle Assessment" was written by Luis Dias, Fausto Freire and Jutta Geldermann and deals with the combined use of multi-criteria decision analysis and life cycle analysis.

08.10.2018 Registration for final theses

From now on the registration and the topics for a final thesis (Bachelor/Master) will be done via a web registration online.

Further information as well as links to the registration form and the list of topics can be found HERE.

The current registration period ends on 15 October.

24.09.2018 Seminar for Production and Operations Management

The current dates for the seminar for Production and Operations Management in winter term 18/19 can be found here.

03.Aug.2017 Changes regarding the Administration Mini thesis (BWL-Minihausarbeit)

There have been some changes regarding the Administration mini thesis and its application.

Please visit the following site for further information.


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