Methods for Production and Operations Managements (Production and Operations Managements 3)

Dear students,

the kick-off event for the lecture "Supply Chain Management (POM1)" and the module "Methods of Production and Operations Management (POM3)" will take place together on 06.04.2023 at 14.30 in room BC319. In the kick-off event, an introduction to the contents and the course of the events will be given and all organizational details will be clarified. 

Yours sincerely,

Your Chair Team for Business Administration and Production Management

General information

2 ECTS, 2 SWS, Presence performance: 30 hours, Own performance: 30 hours, German


In this exercise, which enhances the lectures Supply Chain Management (POM1) and Plant and Energy Management (POM2), selected topics of the lectures are taken up and highlighted by means of practice-relevant examples and exercises.

Quantitative procedures and methods of Production and Operations Management are presented and implemented by students by presenting methods conceptually, interpreting them economically and implementing them by means of the learning and standard software Python and Gurobi.

Learning goals

The students

  • model and understand the mathematical formulation of a management problem in industrial production

  • implement the solution approach using Python and Gurobi

  • solve a case study relevant to practice

  • explain the  model and the implementation in the final presentation and written paper

Advance performance
Good knowledge of operations research
Information link

Examination performance:

  • The paper comprises 5 - 8 pages of text in German or English and at least one graphic to illustrate the problem and one on the result. A Word or LaTeX template will be provided.

  • Short presentation and discussion of the model application

Assessment criteria:

  • Content - 40 % (presentation of the problem, explanation of the model, meaningful discussion of the results)

  • Practical part - 40 % (implementation of the model and choice of a problem instance, independence)

  • Form 20 % (structure of the paper, citation, language, technical vocabulary, spelling, all other formal requirements)

  • Introduction and installation guide for Python and Gurobi

  • Williams, P.: Model Building in Mathematical Programming, 5th Edition, 2013, Wiley

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