Thesis (Bachelor/Master)


B.Sc. Industrial Engineering:

At least three lectures of the specialisation “Production Management”, consisting of the following lectures:

  • Production Management
  • Operations Research 
  • Value Creation Management
  • Bachelor Seminar Production Management
  • Controlling (Prof. Wömpener)

must have been passed. Two or three grades should already be recorded for the application for a thesis.

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering:

At least two of the lectures

  • Supply Chain Management (POM 1)
  • Plant and Energy Management (POM 2)
  • Seminar for Production and Operations Management (POM 4)

must have been successfully passed.


Master Theses for M.Sc. Technical Logistics and M.Sc. Automotive Engineering and Management students:

At least one of the lectures

  • Supply Chain Management (POM 1)
  • Plant and Energy Management (POM 2)

must have been successfully passed. In addition, the seminar for Production and Operations Management (POM 4) must have been successfully completed.

Organizational Instructions

The assignment of Master’s and Bachelor’s theses takes place via a registration procedure. Following regulations are applied:

  • The Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis must be assigned to the subject area of Production Management.
  • The students can either chose one topic from the given overview or choose their own topic
  • When applying with your own topic proposal, an extended exposé (approx. 1 to 2 pages) must be attached which presents the current state of research and the problem, by pointing out relevant literature (at least 3 relevant references). Please also note the guidance for applying with your own topic proposal (German) and the example exposee for your own topic proposal.
  • A topic overview of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses can be found (approximately two weeks before registration deadline) here.
  • Please register in time for your thesis. The following registration dates are available:
  • Period of Registration:
    1. 01-15 January (start February till April)
    2. 01-15 April (start May till July)
    3. 01-15 July (start August till October)
    4. 01-15 October (start November till January)
  • The processing of the thesis should start in the three months after the successfully registration.
  • To register for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis, fill in the online form, which will be online during the application period.
  • The application form can be found here: Application form
  • The topic will be discussed in a joint talk, by which the content will be fixed. It is recommended to prepare an exposé (not more than 2 DIN A4 pages) in that a) the problem description is explained and b) the methodical procedure for the given problem is briefly described. In addition, an outline can be attached to the exposé.
  • Registration of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis after a joint commitment about content and title:
    1. The application form can be collected at the responsible examination office during the office hours.
    2. The application will be filled out by you with the title (in German and English language), signed and handed in at the office of the department of general business administration and production management during the usual opening hours.
  • The completed thesis must be submitted in triplicate and in due time to the responsible examination office, including an electronic version of the thesis. Please be aware that the declaration on oath has to be attached to your final work (found here (German))

Design recommendations

For the preparation of scientific papers at the Department of General Business Administration and Production Management we kindly ask you to consider the design recommendations as well as list of typical problems in seminar papers, Bachelor’s or Master’s theses.

Hints for the design of final theses and papers:

The minimum information for the cover sheet of every thesis or paper at the Department of General Business Administration and Production Management includes the name of the University, the Faculty of Engineering, whether it is a Bachelor’s or a Master’s thesis, the subject (exact wording as given on the registration form) the names of the first and second examiner (also of the guardian, if different from the examiners), fore- and surname of the student, the matriculation number, the student email address and the official submission date of the thesis at the examination office.

You can find a template for the design of scientific papers here:

Guide for theses

Student work Latex Template (The latex template is under revision. All contextual notes shall be taken from the guide for theses).

Citavi - Sample Project - Guide

Citavi citation style for theses

Links for research and literature acquisition

Google Scholar

  • Search engine for scientific texts
  • Many articles directly available as PDF files
  • “cited by”-function is very helpful to find newer articles on this topic

Electronic Journal Library

  • Full-text access to journals subscribing to the UDE
  • Only works by using the vpn connection
  • Interlibrary loan
  • an interlibrary loan is usually subject to charge
  • Duration of the interlibrary loan: 1-2 weeks or even longer, with electronically available articles also significantly shorter
  • More detailed information about interlibrary loan at the University of Duisburg-Essen can be found here.

Further links

To the topic overview (German)

To the application form (German)