Plant and energy management (Production and Operations Management 2)

Lecture information

4 ECTS, 2 SWS, Presence performance: 30 hours, Own performance: 90 hours, German


The lecture provides methods for the techno-economic and ecological assessment of industrial plants. In addition to methods for cost and investment estimation, particular emphasis is given to the assessment of the sustainability of products and production processes by means of life cycle assessment (LCA).


  • Methods for cost and investment estimation of plants

  • Methods of sustainability assessment and life cycle assessment (LCA)

  • Multi-objective decision analysis in plant management

  • Plant planning, capacity planning and process selection

  • Fundamentals of energy management

Learning goals

The students

  • know the tasks of plant and energy management

  • can apply investment and cost estimation methods

  • can create mass and energy balances with the help of life cycle assessment (LCA) software and critically discuss the results

Advance performance
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Examination requirements:

  • Regular attendance of the lecture and exercises with independent preparation and follow-up work

  • Solving exercises in the Moodle platform for self-study

  • Literature study

  • Lecture notes: Anlagen- und Energiewirtschaft

  • Geldermann, J.: Anlagen- und Energiewirtschaft - Kosten- und Investitionsschätzung sowie Technikbewertung von Industrieanlagen. Vahlen, München, 2014

  • Klöpffer, W.; Grahl, B.: Ökobilanz (LCA): Ein Leitfaden für Ausbildung und Beruf, Wiley-VCH, 2009

  • Frischknecht, R.: Lehrbuch der Ökobilanzierung, Springer Spektrum Berlin, Heidelberg, 2020

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