Publications of the CRC 1242

Pia Lochner, Annika Kurzmann, Jens Kerski, Philipp Stegmann, Jürgen König, Andreas D. Wieck, Arne Ludwig, Axel Lorke and Martin Paul Geller
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A2, B7
Philipp Stegmann, Jürgen König and Björn Sothmann
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Exchange bias effect in bulk multiferroic BiFe₀.₅Sc₀.₅O₃
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Alexandra Terwey, Markus Ernst Gruner, Werner Keune, Joachim Landers, Soma Salamon, Benedikt Eggert, Katharina Ollefs, V. Brabänder, Iliya Radulov, Konstantin Skokov, Tom Faske, Michael Y. Hu, Jiyong Zhao, Esen E. Alp, Carlotta Giacobbe, Oliver Gutfleisch and Heiko Wende
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Martin Hähsler, Joachim Landers, Tim Nowack, Soma Salamon, Michael Zimmermann, Stefan Heißler, Heiko Wende and Silke Behrens
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Inorg. Chem 59, 3677 (2020)
B2, C5
Erik Pollmann, Juliana M. Morbec, Lukas Madauß, Lara Bröckers, Peter Kratzer and Marika Schleberger
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J. Phys. Chem. C 124, 2689 (2020)
Sascha Lang, Ralf Schützhold and William G. Unruh
Quantum Radiation in Dielectric Media with Dispersion and Dissipation
B4, C1
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Phys. Rev. B 101, 100302(R) (2020)
Eric Kleinherbers, Nikodem Szpak, Jürgen König and Ralf Schützhold
Relaxation Dynamics in a Hubbard Dimer Coupled to Fermionic Baths: Phenomenological Description and its Microscopic Foundation
Phys. Rev. B 101, 125131 (2020)
Guangjiang Li, Naaman Amer, Hassan A. Hafez, Shuohan Huang, Dmitry Turchinovich, Vadym N. Mochalin, Frank A. Hegmann and Lyubov V. Titova
Dynamical Control over Terahertz Electromagnetic Interference Shielding with 2D Ti₃C₂Ty MXene by Ultrafast Optical Pulses
Nano Lett. 20, 636 (2020)
Keno L. Krewer, Wentao Zhang, Jacek Arabski, Guy Schmerber, Eric Beaurepaire, Mischa Bonn and Dmitry Turchinovich
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M. Afshari, Philipp Krumey, D. Menn, M. Nicoul, Fabian Brinks, Alexander Tarasevitch and Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten
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Wei Lu, Matthieu Nicoul, Uladzimir Shymanovich, Fabian Brinks, M. Afshari, Alexander Tarasevitch, Dietrich von der Linde and Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten
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AIP Advances 10, 035015 (2020)
Bernd Hafke, Christian Brand, Tobias Witte, Björn Sothmann, Michael Horn-von Hoegen and S. C. Erwin
Thermally Induced Crossover from 2D to 1D Behavior in an Array of Atomic Wires: Silicon Dangling-Bond Solitons in Si(553)-Au
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 016102 (2020)
Michael Lackner, Marvin Hille and Eckart Hasselbrink
Vibrational Energy Redistribution between CH Stretching Modes in Alkyl Chain Monolayers Revealed by Time-Resolved Two-Color Pump-Probe Sum Frequency Spectroscopy
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 11, 108 (2020)
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