Publications of the CRC 1242

Christian Brand, Alfred Hucht, Giriraj Jnawali, Jonas D. Fortmann, Björn Sothmann, Hamid Mehdipour, Peter Kratzer, Ralf Schützhold and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
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Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 126203 (2023)
Azize Koç, Isabel Gonzalez-Vallejo, Matthias Runge, Ahmed Ghalgaoui, Klaus Reimann, Laurenz Kremeyer, Fabian Thiemann, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten, Michael Woerner and Thomas Elsaesser
Quantum Pathways of Carrier and Coherent Phonon Excitation in Bismuth
Phys. Rev. B 107, L180303 (2023)
Bernd Hafke, Christian Brand, Tobias Witte, Björn Sothmann, Michael Horn-von Hoegen and S. C. Erwin
Thermally Induced Crossover from 2D to 1D Behavior in an Array of Atomic Wires: Silicon Dangling-Bond Solitons in Si(553)-Au
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 016102 (2020)
Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Christian Brand and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Adsorbate Induced Manipulation of 1D Atomic Wires: Degradation of Long-Range Order in the Si(553)-Au System
Surf. Sci. 700, 121673 (2020)
Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Christian Brand, Thomas Duden and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Pulsed Electron Gun for Electron Diffraction at Surfaces with Femtosecond Temporal Resolution and High Coherence Length
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 045119 (2019)
Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, David Janoschka, Pascal Dreher, Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Condensation of Ground State from a Supercooled Phase in the Si(111)-(4×1) → (8×2)-Indium Atomic Wire System
Struct. Dyn. 6, 045101 (2019)
Tim Frigge, Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Boris Krenzer and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Non-Equilibrium Lattice Dynamics of One-Dimensional In Chains on Si(111) upon Ultrafast Optical Excitation
Struct. Dyn. 5, 025101 (2018)
Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Optically Excited Structural Transition in Atomic Wires on Surfaces at the Quantum Limit: a Femtosecond Ultrafast Surface Electron Diffraction Study
Proc. SPIE 10673, Advances in Ultrafast Condensed Phase Physics, 1067304 (2018)
Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Ultrafast Switching in an Atomic Wire System at Surfaces
MRS Bulletin 43, 512 (2018)
Tim Frigge, Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Boris Krenzer, Carla Streubühr, Abdul Samad Syed, Vesna Mikšić Trontl, Isabella Avigo, Ping Zhou, Manuel Ligges, Dietrich von der Linde, Uwe Bovensiepen, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, Stefan Wippermann, Andreas Lücke, Simone Sanna, Uwe Gerstmann and Wolf Gerp Schmidt
Optically Excited Structural Transition in Atomic Wires on Surfaces at the Quantum Limit
Nature 544, 207 (2017)
Bernd Hafke, Tim Frigge, Tobias Witte, Boris Krenzer, Julian Aulbach, Jörg Schäfer, Ralph Claessen, Steve C. Erwin and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Two-Dimensional Interaction of Spin Chains in the Si(553)-Au Nanowire System
Phys. Rev. B 94, 161403 (2016)
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