Publications of the CRC 1242

A1, B3, B7
Malte F. Linder, Axel Lorke and Ralf Schützhold
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Surface Vibrations in the T4 and H3 Pb Phases on Si(111)
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B4, C3
Tim Frigge, Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Boris Krenzer and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
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Philip Kahl, Daniel Podbiel, Christian Schneider, Andreas Makris, Simon Sindermann, Christian Witt, Deirdre Kilbane, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, Martin Aeschlimann and Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf
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Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf, David Janoschka and Pascal Dreher
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Pascal Dreher, David Janoschka and Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf
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Thomas Stegmann and Nikodem Szpak
Current Splitting and Valley Plarization in Elastically Deformed Graphene
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Sebastian Gartzke and Andreas Osterloh
Generalized W State of Four Qubits with Exclusively the Three-Tangle
Phys. Rev. A 98, 052307 (2018)
Christian Fey, Tobias Schaetz and Ralf Schützhold
Ion-trap Analog of Particle Creation in Cosmology
Phys. Rev. A 98, 032704 (2018)
Xinwei Li, Motoaki Bamba, Ning Yuan, Qi Zhang, Yage Zhao, Maolin Xiang, Kai Xu, Zuanming Jin, Wei Ren, Guohong Ma, Shixun Cao, Dmitry Turchinovich and Junichiro Kono
Observation of Dicke Cooperativity in Magnetic Interactions
Science 361, 794 (2018)
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Qiang Zheng, Renkai Li, Jie Yang, Mingwei Chen, Xiaozhe Shen, Mianzhen Mo, Xijie Wang, Zhili Wang, Zhijiang Chen, Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten and Stephen P. Weathersby
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Science 360, 1451 (2018)
Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Optically Excited Structural Transition in Atomic Wires on Surfaces at the Quantum Limit: a Femtosecond Ultrafast Surface Electron Diffraction Study
Proc. SPIE 10673, Advances in Ultrafast Condensed Phase Physics, 1067304 (2018)
Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Ultrafast Switching in an Atomic Wire System at Surfaces
MRS Bulletin 43, 512 (2018)
Michael Lackner, Daniel Lucaßen and Eckart Hasselbrink
Bimodal Velocity Distributions in the Photodesorption of CO from Si(100) Suggest V-to-T Energy Transfer
Chem. Phys. Lett. 713, 277 (2018)
Roland Kozubek, Philipp Ernst, Charlotte Herbig, Thomas Michely and Marika Schleberger
Fabrication of Defective Single Layers of Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Various Supports for Potential Applications in Catalysis and DNA Sequencing
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J. Schwestka, R.A. Wilhelm, E. Gruber, R. Heller, Roland Kozubek, Marika Schleberger, S. Facsko and F. Aumayr
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Pawel Kucharczyk, A. Füngerlings, Boris Weidtmann and Andreas Wucher
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Nucl. Instrum. Methods B 426, 5 (2018)
Mario Marpe, Andreas Wucher and Detlef Diesing
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Mario Marpe, Andreas Wucher and Detlef Diesing
Transport of 75–1000  eV Electrons in Metal-Insulator–Metal Devices
J. Elec. Spectrosc. Rel. Phenom. 223, 37 (2018)
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