Publications of the CRC 1242

Amran Al-Ashouri, Annika Kurzmann, Benjamin Merkel, Arne Ludwig, Andreas D. Wieck, Axel Lorke and Martin Paul Geller
Photon Noise Suppression by a Built-in Feedback Loop
Nano Lett. 19, 135 (2019)
Pia Lochner, Annika Kurzmann, Rüdiger Schott, Andreas D. Wieck, Arne Ludwig, Axel Lorke and Martin Paul Geller
Contrast of 83% in Reflection Measurements on a Single Quantum Dot
Sci. Rep. 9, 8817 (2019)
Martin Paul Geller
Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Self-Assembled Quantum Dots
Appl. Phys. Rev. 6, 031306 (2019)
A1, A2
Annika Kurzmann, Philipp Stegmann, Jens Kerski, R. Schott, A. Ludwig, A. D. Wieck, Jürgen König, Axel Lorke and Martin Geller
Optical Detection of Single-Electron Tunneling into a Semiconductor Quantum Dot
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 247403 (2019)
Simon Mundinar, Philipp Stegmann, Jürgen König and Stephan Weiß
Iterative Path-Integral Summations for the Tunneling Magnetoresistance in Interacting Quantum-Dot Spin Valves
Phys. Rev. B 99, 195457 (2019)
Anahita Kavangary, Paul Graf, Hüseyin Azazoglu, Meike Flebbe, Kornelia Huba, Hermann Nienhaus and Rolf Möller
Temperature Dependent Electrical Characteristics of a Junction Field Effect Transistor for Cryogenic Sub-Attoampere Charge Detection
AIP Adv. 9, 025104 (2019)
Erdem Genc, Andre Mölleken, Doris Tarasevitch, Detlef Utzat, Hermann Nienhaus and Rolf Möller
Three Dimensional Tracing of a Charged Particle by Electrostatic Detection
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 075115 (2019)
Jun Hee Yoon, Florian Selbach, Ludmilla Schumacher, Jesil Jose and Sebastian Schlücker
Surface Plasmon Coupling in Dimers of Gold Nanoparticles: Experiment and Theory for Ideal (Spherical) and Nonideal (Faceted) Building Blocks
ACS Photonics 6, 642 (2019)
Evangelina Pensa, Julian Gargiulo, Alberto Lauri, Sebastian Schlücker, Emiliano Cortés and Stefan A. Maier
Spectral Screening of the Energy of Hot Holes over a Particle Plasmon Resonance
Nano Lett. 19, 1867 (2019)
Sebastian Küpper, Vikas Kumar and Sebastian Schlücker
Vibrational Spectroscopic Characterization of 2-(2,4-Dinitro-Benzyl)-Pyridine (α-DNBP) in Solution by Polarization-Resolved Spontaneous Raman Scattering and Broadband CARS
J. Phys. Chem. A 123, 291 (2019)
A4, B1, B6, C1
Ludmilla Schumacher, Jesil Jose, David Janoschka, Pascal Dreher, Timothy J. Davis, Manuel Ligges, Renkai Li, Mianzhen Mo, Suji Park, Xiaozhe Shen, Stephen Weathersby, Jie Yang, Xijie Wang, Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf, Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten and Sebastian Schlücker
Precision Plasmonics with Monomers and Dimers of Spherical Gold Nanoparticles: Non-Equilibrium Dynamics at the Time and Space Limit
J. Phys. Chem. C 123, 13181 (2019)
A4, C4
Matthias Linke, Marvin Hille, Michael Lackner, Ludmilla Schumacher, Sebastian Schlücker and Eckart Hasselbrink
Plasmonic Effects of Au Nanoparticles on the Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectrum of 4-Nitrothiophenol
J. Phys. Chem. C 123, 24234 (2019)
Joachim Landers, Soma Salamon, Hilke Remmer, Frank Ludwig and Heiko Wende
In-Field Orientation and Dynamics of Ferrofluids Studied by Mössbauer Spectroscopy
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 3160 (2019)
Louis Frentzel-Beyme, Marvin Kloß, Roman Pallach, Soma Salamon, Henning Moldenhauer, Joachim Landers, Heiko Wende, Jörg Debus and Sebastian Henke
Porous Purple Glass - a Cobalt Imidazolate Glass with Accessible Porosity from a Meltable Cobalt Imidazolate Framework
J. Mater. Chem. A 7, 985 (2019)
Felix Huttmann, Nico Rothenbach, Stefan Kraus, Katharina Ollefs, Lucas M. Arruda, Matthias Bernien, Danny Thonig, Anna Delin, Jonas Fransson, Kurt Kummer, Nicholas B. Brookes, Olle Eriksson, Wolfgang Kuch, Thomas Michely and Heiko Wende
Europium Cyclooctatetraene Nanowire Carpets: a Low-Dimensional, Organometallic, and Ferromagnetic Insulator
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 911 (2019)
Andre Seyen, Roland Kohn, Uwe Bovensiepen, Dietrich von der Linde and Alexander Tarasevitch
Toward Attosecond Pulse Synthesis from Solids: Spectral Shaping, Field Autocorrelation, and Two-Color Harmonic Generation
Phys. Rev. A 99, 033836 (2019)
Manuel Bridger, Oskar Naranjo-Montoya, Alexander Tarasevitch and Uwe Bovensiepen
Towards High Power Broad-Band OPCPA at 3 μm
Opt. Express 27, 31330 (2019)
A5, C1, C2
Nico Rothenbach, Markus Ernst Gruner, Katharina Ollefs, Carolin Schmitz-Antoniak, Soma Salamon, Ping Zhou, R. Li, M. Mo, S. Park, X. Shen, S. Weathersby, J. Yang, X. J. Wang, Rossitza Pentcheva, Heiko Wende, Uwe Bovensiepen, Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten and Andrea Eschenlohr
Microscopic Non-Equilibrium Energy Transfer Dynamics in a Photoexcited Metal/Insulator Heterostructure
Phys. Rev. B 100, 174301 (2019)
S. Freutel, J. D. Rameau, L. Rettig, I. Avigo, Manuel Ligges, Y. Yoshida, H. Eisaki, J. Schneeloch, R. D. Zhong, Z. J. Xu, G. D. Gu, Uwe Bovensiepen and P. D. Johnson
Optical Perturbation of the Hole Pockets in the Underdoped High-Tc Superconducting Cuprates
Phys. Rev. B 99, 081116(R) (2019)
B1, B4
Verena Tinnemann, Carla Streubühr, Bernd Hafke, Annika Kalus, Anja Hanisch-Blicharski, Manuel Ligges, Dietrich von der Linde, Uwe Bovensiepen and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Ultrafast Electron Diffraction from a Bi(111) Surface: Impulsive Lattice Excitation and Debye Waller Analysis at Large Momentum Transfer
Struct. Dyn. 6, 035101 (2019)
Verena Tinnemann, Carla Streubühr, Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Annika Kalus, Anja Hanisch-Blicharski, Manuel Ligges, Ping Zhou, Dietrich von der Linde, Uwe Bovensiepen and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Decelerated Lattice Excitation and Absence of Bulk Phonon Modes at Surfaces: Ultra-fast Electron Diffraction from Bi(111) Surface upon fs-Laser Excitation
Struct. Dyn. 6, 065101 (2019)
Peter Kratzer and Jörg Neugebauer
The Basics of Electronic Structure Theory for Periodic Systems
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 106 (2019)
Maedeh Zahedifar and Peter Kratzer
Phonon-Induced Electronic Relaxation in a Strongly Correlated System: the Sn/Si(111) (√3×√3) Adlayer Revisited
Phys. Rev. B 100, 125427 (2019)
Takayuki Suzuki, J. Lawrence, Juliana Maria Morbec, Peter Kratzer and Giovanni Costantini
Surface Structural Phase Transition Induced by the Formation of Metal–Organic Networks on the Si(111)-√7x√3-In Surface
Nanoscale 11, 21790 (2019)
Peter Kratzer and Maedeh Zahedifar
Relaxation of Electrons in Quantum-Confined States in Pb/Si(111) Thin Films from Master Equation with First-Principles-Derived Rates
New J. Phys. 21, 123023 (2019)
Friedemann Queisser and Ralf Schützhold
Hierarchy of Double-Time Correlations
Friedemann Queisser and Ralf Schützhold
Boltzmann Relaxation Dynamics in the Strongly Interacting Fermi-Hubbard Model
Phys. Rev. A 100, 053617 (2019)
B3, B7
Friedemann Queisser and Ralf Schützhold
Environment-Induced Prerelaxation in the Mott-Hubbard Model
Phys. Rev. B 99, 155110 (2019)
Johannes Oertel and Ralf Schützhold
WKB Approach to Pair Creation in Spacetime-Dependent Fields: The Case of a Spacetime-Dependent Mass
Phys. Rev. D 99, 125014 (2019)
Leonhard Klar, Nikodem Szpak and Ralf Schützhold
Quantum Simulation of Spontaneous Pair Creation in 2D Optical Lattices
Nikodem Szpak and Ralf Schützhold
Time Reversal and Quantum Loschmidt Echo in Optical Lattices
Sascha Lang and Ralf Schützhold
Analog of Cosmological Particle Creation in Electromagnetic Waveguides
Phys. Rev. D 100, 065003 (2019)
Matthias Wittemer, Frederick Hakelberg, Philip Kiefer, Jan-Philipp Schröder, Christian Fey, Ralf Schützhold, Ulrich Warring and Tobias Schaetz
Phonon Pair Creation by Inflating Quantum Fluctuations in an Ion Trap
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 180502 (2019)
Friedemann Queisser and Ralf Schützhold
Dynamically Assisted Nuclear Fusion
Phys. Rev. C 100, 041601 (2019)
Dennis Meyer, Giriraj Jnawali, Hichem Hattab and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Rapid Onset of Strain Relief by Massive Generation of Misfit Dislocations in Bi(111)/Si(001) Heteroepitaxy
Appl. Phys. Lett. 114, 081601 (2019)
Karim Omambac, Hichem Hattab, Christian Brand, Giriraj Jnawali, Alpha T. N’Diaye, Johann Coraux, Raoul van Gastel, Bene Poelsema, Thomas Michely, Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Temperature-Controlled Rotational Epitaxy of Graphene
Nano Lett. 19, 4594 (2019)
S. Chen, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, P. A. Thiel and M. C. Tringides
Diffraction Paradox: An Unusually Broad Diffraction Background Marks High Quality Graphene
Phys. Rev. B 100, 155307 (2019)
B4, C3
Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Christian Brand, Thomas Duden and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Pulsed Electron Gun for Electron Diffraction at Surfaces with Femtosecond Temporal Resolution and High Coherence Length
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 045119 (2019)
Daniel Podbiel, Philip Kahl, Bettina Frank, Timothy J. Davis, Harald Giessen, Michael Horn-von Hoegen and Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of an Efficient Fresnel Grating Coupler for Focussing Surface Plasmon Polaritons
ACS Photonics 6, 600 (2019)
B6, C3
Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, David Janoschka, Pascal Dreher, Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Condensation of Ground State from a Supercooled Phase in the Si(111)-(4×1) → (8×2)-Indium Atomic Wire System
Struct. Dyn. 6, 045101 (2019)
Friedemann Queisser, Sebastian Schreiber, Peter Kratzer and Ralf Schützhold
Boltzmann Relaxation Dynamics of Strongly Interacting Spinless Fermions on a Lattice
Phys. Rev. B 100, 245110 (2019)
M. Mehdi Jadidi, Kevin M. Daniels, Rachael L. Myers-Ward, D. Kurt Gaskill, Jacob C. König-Otto, Stephan Winnerl, Andrei B. Sushkov, H. Dennis Drew, Thomas E. Murphy and Martin Mittendorff
Optical Control of Plasmonic Hot Carriers in Graphene
ACS Photonics 6, 302 (2019)
Hassan A. Hafez, Sergey Kovalev, Klaas‐Jan Tielrooij, Mischa Bonn, Michael Gensch and Dmitry Turchinovich
Terahertz Nonlinear Optics of Graphene: From Saturable Absorption to High‐Harmonics Generation
Adv. Optical Mater. 1900771 (2019)
Peter Zalden, Florian Quirin, Mathias Schumacher, Jan Siegel, Shuai Wei, Azize Koc, Matthieu Nicoul, Mariano Trigo, Pererik Andreasson, Henrik Enquist, Michael J. Shu, Tommaso Pardini, Matthieu Chollet, Diling Zhu, Henrik Lemke, Ider Ronneberger, Jörgen Larsson, Aaron M. Lindenberg, Henry E. Fischer, Stefan Hau-Riege, David A. Reis, Riccardo Mazzarello, Matthias Wuttig and Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten
Femtosecond X-Ray Diffraction Reveals a Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition in Phase-Change Materials
Science 364, 1062 (2019)
Markus Ernst Gruner and Rossitza Pentcheva
Dynamics of Optical Excitations in a Fe/MgO(001) Heterostructure from Time-dependent Density Functional Theory
Phys. Rev. B 99, 195104 (2019)
Vijaya Begum, Markus Ernst Gruner and Rossitza Pentcheva
Role of the Exchange-Correlation Functional on the Structural, Electronic, and Optical Properties of Cubic and Tetragonal SrTiO3 Including Many-Body Effects
Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 065004 (2019)
Petar Yordanov, W. Sigle, P. Kaya, Markus Ernst Gruner, Rossitza Pentcheva, B. Keimer and H.-U. Habermeier
Large Thermopower Anisotropy in PdCoO2 Thin Films
Phys. Rev. Mat. 3, 085403 (2019)
Roland Kozubek, Mukesh Tripathi, Mahdi Ghorbani-Asl, Silvan Kretschmer, Lukas Madauß, Erik Pollmann, Maria O'Brien, Niall McEvoy, Ursula Ludacka, Toma Susi, Georg S Duesberg, Richard Arthur Wilhelm, Arkady V Krasheninnikov, Jani Kotakoski and Marika Schleberger
Perforating Freestanding Molybdenum Disulfide Monolayers with Highly Charged Ions
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 904 (2019)
Andreas Wucher, Lars Breuer and Nicholas Winograd
Ionization Probability of Sputtered Indium under Irradiation with 20-keV Fullerene and Argon Gas Cluster Projectiles
Int. J. Mass. Spectrom. 438, 13 (2019)
Lars Breuer, Hua Tian, Andreas Wucher and Nicholas Winograd
Molecular SIMS Ionization Probability Studied with Laser Postionization: Influence of the Projectile Cluster
J. Phys. Chem. C 123, 565 (2019)
Alexander Breuers, Andreas Wucher, Marika Schleberger, Matthias Herder, Klaus Sokolowski-Tinten and Pawel Kucharczyk
A Concept to Generate Ultrashort Ion Pulses for Pump-Probe Experiments in the keV Energy Range
New J. Phys. 21, 053017 (2019)
Friedrich Aumayr, Kiyoshi Ueda, Emma Sokell, Stefan Schippers, Hossein Sadeghpour, Frédéric Merkt, Thomas F. Gallagher, F. Barry Dunning, Paul Scheier, Olof Echt, Tom Kirchner, Stephan Fritzsche, Andrey Surzhykov, Xinwen Ma, Roberto Rivarola, Omar Fojon, Lokesh Tribedi, Emily Lamour, José R. Crespo López-Urrutia, Yuri A. Litvinov, Vladimir Shabaev, Henrik Cederquist, Henning Zettergren, Marika Schleberger, Richard A Wilhelm, Toshiyuki Azuma, Philippe Boduch, Henning T. Schmidt and Thomas Stöhlker
Roadmap on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collision Physics: III. Heavy Particles: with Zero to Relativistic Speeds
J. Phys. B 52, 171003 (2019)
Janine Schwestka, Anna Niggas, Sascha Creutzburg, Roland Kozubek, René Heller, Marika Schleberger, Richard A Wilhelm and Friedrich Aumayr
Charge-Exchange-Driven Low-Energy Electron Splash Induced by Heavy Ion Impact on Condensed Matter
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 4805 (2019)
Alexander Golombek, Lisa Danzig and Andreas Wucher
Characterization of a Supersonic Gas Jet via Laser-Induced Photoelectron Ionization
Matthias Herder, Julia Klein, A. Sevim and Andreas Wucher
Ionization Probability of Sputtered Coronene Molecules
Nucl. Instrum. Methods B 460, 193 (2019)
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