Lehrstuhl SRS - Control Theory Practical Exercise

Wintersemester 2023/24

Practical Exercise Control Theory


Practical Exercise Control Theory (1P)

comprising three experiments:

  • Control of the Inverted Pendulum (ip)
  • Observer-based Control for a Torsional Oscillator (brt)
  • Disturbance Estimation in Rotating Machines (de)
Material Moodle: Practical Exercise Control Theory – P-CTH


The password can be requested via the e-mail address srs-pw@uni-due.de.

The subject must contain only the word PrC .

Description [PDF]

Actual Informationen


Dear students,

due to the current situation and the recently decided new rules, we have decided not to perform the scheduled face-to-face labs CTH, SD/RT, SDe/CE, ACL1 (which should be started in these days) and instead offer a digital backup solution. There will be a video with associated questions uploaded in the Moodle course. More information and dates will be announced.

If you are interested in additionally performing the experiment in real, we offer ADDITIONALLY the possibility to do so after prior registration. Registration is via praktikum-srs@uni-due.de and can be done until January 20, 2021. Dates will then be announced depending on the number of participants. Participation in the digital experiment is nevertheless required to pass the practical exercise, the presence dates are intended as an additional offer for interested students. This voluntary offer can only be realized if the rules of the university and the corona situation allow this and is also limited to the winter semester 20/21.

Best regards,
Sandra Rothe and Dirk Söffker