ZMB Member Barbara Saccà



Group Saccá in October 2016

October 2016 (Essen). First row, from the left: Arne Rother, Pierre Stegemann, Wolfgang Pfeifer. Second row, from the left: Andreas Jaekel, Barbara Saccà, Elisa C. Schöneweiß, Georg Homa.

Research Overview

DNA Nanotechnology - from molecules to self-organized nanostructures

We are using DNA nanotechnology to construct simplified models of complex biological systems, where single structural and functional parameters can be manipulated in a completely predictable fashion. Our scientific ambition is to gain a better understanding of fundamental aspects of biological self-assembly and to use this knowledge for the generation of biomimetic materials with customized properties. We are currently focusing on three lines of research corresponding to three aspects of natural self-assembling systems: molecular caging, hierarchical order and structural reconfiguration.