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Sven Brandau

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Prof. Dr. Sven Brandau

West German Cancer Center (WTZ)
University Hospital Essen
Hufelandstr. 55
45147 Essen

Research Overview

We have a special interest in the immunological tumor-host interaction with a particular focus on neutrophils and myeloid-derived suppressor cells. A second research theme of the division aims at better understanding the immunoregulatory properties of so-called mesenchymal stromal cells. In the last ten years we have authored or co-authored over 130 peer-reviewed publications, some of which are highly cited.
Over the last ten years we have established and worked on the following three main research themes:

  1. Immunoregulatory mechanisms in tumor-host interaction
  2. Immunological and biological tumor therapy
  3. Immunobiology of mesenchymal stromal cells
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Selected Publications