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Prof. Dr. Wiebke Hansen

Institute of Medical Microbiology
University Hospital Essen
Hufelandstr. 55
45122 Essen

Research Overview

The immune system's job is to ward off a multitude of invading pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. These defense mechanisms must be precisely controlled in order to prevent an excessive inflammatory response, which can lead to immunological pathologies and autoimmune diseases.
The working group "Molecular Infection Immunology" is concerned with mechanisms that are involved in the control of immune responses in infections, especially malaria and inflammatory processes. The focus is on T lymphocytes, which are divided into effector T cells and regulatory T cells. While effector T cells promote immune reactions, regulatory T cells have immunosuppressive abilities and are thus able to control immune responses. Based on molecular and functional investigations, we are working to identify target structures that allow the function of T cells to be modified for therapeutic applications. In addition to Neuropilin-1 and CD83, promising molecules are also members of the sphingolipid signaling pathway.
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Selected Publications

    Journal articles

  • Philipp, Svenja; Horstmann, Mareike; Hose, Matthias; Daser, Anke; Görtz, Gina-Eva; Jesenek, Christoph; Flögel, Ulrich; Hansen, Wiebke; Bechrakis, Nikolaos; Banga, Jasvinder Paul S.; Eckstein, Anja; Berchner-Pfannschmidt, Utta
    An Early Wave of Macrophage Infiltration Intertwined with Antigen-Specific Proinflammatory T Cells and Browning of Adipose Tissue Characterizes the Onset of Orbital Inflammation in a Mouse Model of Graves' Orbitopathy
    In: Thyroid Vol. 32 (2022) Nr. 3, pp. 283 - 293
  • Podschwadt, Philip; Malyshkina, Anna; Windmann, Sonja; Papadamakis, Athanasios; Kerkmann, Leonie; Lapuente, Dennis; Tenbusch, Matthias; Lu, Mengji; Schindler, Michael; Lang, Karl Sebastian; Hansen, Wiebke; Bayer, Wibke
    Immune suppression of vaccine-induced CD8⁺ T cell-responses by gamma retrovirus envelope is mediated by interleukin-10 producing CD4⁺ T cells
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 13 (2022) 934399
  • Adamczyk, Alexandra; Pastille, Eva; Kehrmann, Jan; Vu, Vivian P.; Geffers, Robert; Wasmer, Marie-Hélène; Kasper, Stefan; Schuler, Martin; Lange, Christian; Muggli, Beat; Rau, Tilman T.; Klein, Diana; Hansen, Wiebke; Krebs, Philippe; Buer, Jan; Westendorf, Astrid
    GPR15 facilitates recruitment of regulatory T cells to promote colorectal cancer
    In: Cancer Research Vol. 81 (2021) Nr. 11, pp. 2970 - 2982
  • Ngo Thi Phuong, Nhi; Palmieri, Vittoria; Adamczyk, Alexandra; Klopfleisch, Robert; Langhorst, Jost; Hansen, Wiebke; Westendorf, Astrid; Pastille, Eva
    IL-33 Drives Expansion of Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells and Regulatory T Cells and Protects Mice From Severe, Acute Colitis
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 12 (2021) 669787
  • Palmieri, Vittoria; Ebel, Jana-Fabienne; Ngo Thi Phuong, Nhi; Klopfleisch, Robert; Vu, Vivian Pham; Adamczyk, Alexandra; Zöller, Julia; Riedel, Christian; Buer, Jan; Krebs, Philippe; Hansen, Wiebke; Pastille, Eva; Westendorf, Astrid M.
    Interleukin-33 signaling exacerbates experimental infectious colitis by enhancing gut permeability and inhibiting protective Th17 immunity
    In: Mucosal Immunology Vol. 14 (2021) Nr. 4, pp. 923 - 936
  • Zöller, Julia; Ebel, Jana-Fabienne; Khairnar, Vishal; Schmitt, Verena; Klopfleisch, Robert; Meiners, Jana; Seiffart, Virginia; Hansen, Wiebke; Buer, Jan; Singer, Bernhard B.; Lang, Karl S.; Westendorf, Astrid
    CEACAM1 regulates CD8⁺ T cell immunity and protects from severe pathology during Citrobacter rodentium induced colitis
    In: Gut Microbes Vol. 11 (2020) Nr. 6, pp. 1790 - 1805
  • Plöhn, Svenja; Hose, Matthias; Schlüter, Anke; Michel, Lars; Diaz-Cano, Salvador; Hendgen-Cotta, Ulrike B.; Banga, Jasvinder Paul; Bechrakis, Nikolaos E.; Hansen, Wiebke; Eckstein, Anja; Berchner-Pfannschmidt, Utta
    Fingolimod Improves the Outcome of Experimental Graves' Disease and Associated Orbitopathy by Modulating the Autoimmune Response to the Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Receptor
    In: Thyroid Vol. 29 (2019) Nr. 9, pp. 1286 - 1301
  • Meiners, Jana; Palmieri, Vittoria; Klopfleisch, Robert; Ebel, Jana-Fabienne; Japtok, Lukasz; Schumacher, Fabian; Mohamud Yusuf, Ayan; Becker, Katrin A.; Zöller, Julia; Hose, Matthias; Kleuser, Burkhard; Hermann, Dirk M.; Kolesnick, Richard N.; Buer, Jan; Hansen, Wiebke; Westendorf, Astrid
    Intestinal acid sphingomyelinase protects from severe pathogen-driven colitis
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 10 (2019) 1386
  • Thiel, Jacqueline; Alter, Christina; Luppus, Sina; Eckstein, Anja; Tan, Susanne; Führer, Dagmar; Pastille, Eva; Westendorf, Astrid; Buer, Jan; Hansen, Wiebke
    MicroRNA-183 and microRNA-96 are associated with autoimmune responses by regulating T cell activation
    In: Journal of Autoimmunity Vol. 96 (2019) pp. 94 - 103
  • Hose, Matthias; Günther, Anne; Abberger, Hanna; Begum, Salina; Korencak, Marek; Becker, Katrin A.; Buer, Jan; Westendorf, Astrid; Hansen, Wiebke
    T cell-specific overexpression of acid sphingomyelinase results in elevated T cell activation and reduced parasitemia during Plasmodium yoelii infection
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 10 (2019) pp. 1225
  • Pastille, Eva; Wasmer, Marie-Hélène; Adamczyk, Alexandra; Vu, Vivian P.; Mager, Lukas F.; Phuong, Nhi Ngo Thi; Palmieri, Vittoria; Simillion, Cedric; Hansen, Wiebke; Kasper, Stefan; Schuler, Martin; Muggli, Beat; McCoy, Kathy D.; Buer, Jan; Zlobec, Inti; Westendorf, Astrid; Krebs, Philippe
    The IL-33/ST2 pathway shapes the regulatory T cell phenotype to promote intestinal cancer
    In: Mucosal Immunology Vol. 12 (2019) Nr. 4, pp. 990 - 1003
  • Knuschke, Torben; Rotan, Olga; Bayer, Wibke; Kollenda, Sebastian; Dickow, Julia; Sutter, Kathrin; Hansen, Wiebke; Dittmer, Ulf; Lang, Karl S.; Epple, Matthias; Buer, Jan; Westendorf, Astrid
    Induction of Type I Interferons by Therapeutic Nanoparticle-Based Vaccination Is Indispensable to Reinforce Cytotoxic CD8+ T Cell Responses During Chronic Retroviral Infection
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 9 (2018) 614
  • Herz, Josephine; Köster, Christian; Crasmöller, Marius; Abberger, Hanna; Hansen, Wiebke; Felderhoff-Müser, Ursula; Bendix, Ivo
    Peripheral T cell depletion by FTY720 exacerbates hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in neonatal mice
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 9 (2018) pp. 1696
  • Ueffing, Kristina; Abberger, Hanna; Westendorf, Astrid; Matuschewski, Kai; Buer, Jan; Hansen, Wiebke
    Conventional CD11chigh Dendritic Cells Are Important for T Cell Priming during the Initial Phase of Plasmodium yoelii Infection, but Are Dispensable at Later Time Points
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 8 (2017) 1333
  • Loevenich, Katharina; Ueffing, Kristina; Abel, Simone; Hose, Matthias; Matuschewski, Kai; Westendorf, Astrid; Buer, Jan; Hansen, Wiebke
    DC-Derived IL-10 Modulates Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Production and Promotes Induction of CD4+IL-10+ Regulatory T Cells during Plasmodium yoelii Infection
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 8 (2017) 152
  • Smirnov, Anna; Pohlmann, Stephanie; Nehring, Melanie; Ali, Shafaqat; Mann-Nüttel, Ritu; Scheu, Stefanie; Antoni, Anne-Charlotte; Hansen, Wiebke; Büettner, Manuela; Gardiasch, Miriam J.; Westendorf, Astrid; Wirsdörfer, Florian; Pastille, Eva; Dudda, Marcel; Flohe, Stefanie
    Sphingosine 1-Phosphate- and C-C Chemokine Receptor 2-Dependent Activation of CD4+ Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells in the Bone Marrow Contributes to Signs of Sepsis-Induced Immunosuppression
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 8 (2017) 1622
  • Wadwa, Munisch-Kumar; Klopfleisch, R; Adamczyk, A; Frede, A; Pastille, Eva; Mahnke, K; Hansen, Wiebke; Geffers, R; Lang, Karl S.; Buer, Jan; Büning, J; Westendorf, Astrid
    IL-10 downregulates CXCR3 expression on Th1 cells and interferes with their migration to intestinal inflammatory sites
    In: Mucosal Immunology Vol. 9 (2016) Nr. 5, pp. 1263 - 1277
  • Büchel, Gabriele; Schulte, Johannes; Harrison, Luke; Batzke, Katharina; Schüller, Ulrich; Hansen, Wiebke; Schramm, Alexander
    Immune response modulation by Galectin-1 in a transgenic model of neuroblastoma
    In: OncoImmunology Vol. 5 (2016) Nr. 5, e1131378
  • Wirsdörfer, Florian; Bangen, Jörg-Martin; Pastille, Eva; Hansen, Wiebke; Flohe, Stefanie
    Breaking the co-operation between bystander T-cells and natural killer cells prevents the development of immunosuppression after traumatic skeletal muscle injury in mice
    In: Clinical Science Vol. 128 (2015) Nr. 11, pp. 825 - 838
  • Pastille, Eva; Bardini, Katrin; Fleissner, Diana; Adamczyk, Alexandra; Frede, Annika; Wadwa, Munisch; Smolinski, Dorthe von; Kasper, Stefan; Sparwasser, Tim; Gruber, Achim D.; Schuler, Martin; Sakaguchi, Shimon; Roers, Axel; Müller, Werner; Hansen, Wiebke; Buer, Jan; Westendorf, Astrid
    Transient ablation of regulatory T cells improves antitumor immunity in colitis-associated colon cancer
    In: Cancer Research Vol. 74 (2014) Nr. 16, pp. 4258 - 4269
  • Hansen, Wiebke
    Neuropilin 1 guides regulatory T cells into VEGF-producing melanoma
    In: OncoImmunology Vol. 2 (2013) Nr. 2, e23039
  • Fleissner, Diana; Hansen, Wiebke; Geffers, Robert; Buer, Jan; Westendorf, Astrid
    Local induction of immunosuppressive CD⁸ T cells in the gut-associated lymphoid tissues
    In: PLoS ONE Vol. 5 (2010) Nr. 10, e15373
  • Ukena, Sya N.; Singh, Anurag; Dringenberg, Ulrike; Engelhardt, Regina; Seidler, Ursula; Hansen, Wiebke; Bleich, André; Bruder, Dunja; Franzke, Anke; Rogler, Gerhard; Suerbaum, Sebastian; Buer, Jan; Gunzer, Florian; Westendorf, Astrid
    Probiotic Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 inhibits leaky gut by enhancing mucosal integrity
    In: PLoS ONE Vol. 2 (2007) Nr. 12, e1308