Cooperation & Networks

Maintenance & Expansion of International Cooperations

The UDE generally follows a bottom-up approach in maintaining and expanding international collaborations. The international orientation of researchers and thus of teachers at the UDE is welcomed and - wherever possible - supported. The conclusion of cooperation agreements with foreign institutions appears to make sense if the corresponding initiative comes from university teachers and is based on common areas of interest in teaching and research.

Where appropriate, the UDE would also like to make such teaching and research-based cooperations available to its students, whether in the sense of foreign mobility or in the context of internationally oriented projects at the home campuses. In this context, the development of internationally oriented Master's programs, also and especially on the basis of the existing profile foci of the UDE, should be mentioned.


The centrally set up, rather top-down structured internationalization projects include the international network AURORA, which the UDE has established with eight other European universities, as well as the UA Ruhr Offices New York and Moscow, which the UDE operates within the framework of the UA Ruhr. The activities developed within the framework of these projects, such as the solicitation of grants as well as international components of the UDE Student Excellence Program, initially relate to the area of teaching and students. Collaborative projects of researchers within the framework of AURORA and the UA Ruhr Offices are strongly welcomed where they correspond to the developed scientific interests.

Flexible Service Structures

The regional focus within the internationalization strategy depends on the research-based networks and personal scientific contacts of the university teachers and is thus only controllable to a limited extent and necessarily dynamic. The UDE takes this into account by providing the necessary flexible service structures at the central level to support the faculties in their internationalization work, when the bundling of administrative as well as management expertise in the international field is more effective at the central level than at the decentralized level.

Supported Projects & Cooperations

  • The UDE is committed to the European Education and Research Area and sees itself as particularly committed to European cooperation in the field of research and teaching.
  • The UDE cooperates with its partner universities in the UA Ruhr, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Technische Universität Dortmund, through the jointly operated UA Ruhr Offices in New York and Moscow, especially closely with regard to North America, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
  • The UDE is a member of the international network AURORA and regards the other universities in this network as particularly suitable cooperation partners.
  • The countries of East Asia and Southeast Asia are priority regions of the UDE due to numerous partnerships that have grown over decades as well as the regional focus of IN-EAST.

International Office First Contact

The central service office for international contacts of the University of Duisburg-Essen.