Membrane structures usually have a service life of 25 years and above. Over time, the material properties will change due to the influence of UV radiation, changing temperatures and water. The ELLF overs you a possibility to predict the aging behaviour of your material with the help of our weathering equipment.

Accelerated weathering tests do have several benefits against conventional outdoor weathering. Foremost the reproducibility of test results due to laboratory conditions and the adaptability to foreign weather conditions should be emphasized. The accelerated weathering can offer you tests results much sooner so you spare precious time in the planning and development of your projects.

UV radiation can be simulated both as direct solar radiation outdoors and indirectly through glass. Rainfall is simulated in our system by spray water and dew by condensation.

In sum we are able to:

  • predict the life-time of your material under service condition in a shorter time period
  • make a comparison of exposure time and retention properties
  • help you at your Quality assessment and control with regard to weathering impacts
  • create a qualification data sheet and warranty (????? sagt Hastia!)
  • study the degradation procedures