Dr. Karin Gaesing

Senior Researcher Dr. Karin Gaesing

Room: LS 031
Phone: +49 (0)203-379-3973
E-Mail: karin.gaesing@uni-due.de

Research Focus
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Research Focus

  • Regional Rural Development and Land Use Planning
  • Participatory Analysis and Planning Methods
  • Integration of Gender Aspects
  • Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Needs
  • Moderation, Project Management, Intercultural Communication

Selected Publications

► Gaesing, Karin / Bliss, Frank 2019: Entwicklung, Landrecht, Gender und Bodenfruchtbarkeit in Benin (AVE-Studie 17/2019). Duisburg: Institut für Entwicklung und Frieden.

► Gaesing, Karin / Herold, Jana 2019: Peacebuilding Starts at Home – Gender-just Access to Land for Escaping Hunger and for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies, in: FriEnt-Study 07/2019 - Land and Conflict Prevention: How Integrated Solutions Can Help Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Bonn: FriEnt - Working Group on Peace and Development, 57-62.

► Gaesing, Karin 2009: Participatory Land Use Planning for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kenya, in: Hill, Alexandra / Weiß, Katrin (eds.): Planning with Obstacles – 40 Years of Spatial Planning in Crisis Regions and Developing Countries. Dortmund: IRPUD – Institut für Raumplanung,  Dortmunder Beiträge zur Raumplanung No. 133, 91-103.

► Gaesing, Karin 2001: Partizipation von Frauen bei der lokalen Entwicklung in Ghana (Dissertation). Bad Honnef : Politischer Arbeitskreis Schulen.

► Bliss, Frank / Gaesing, Karin / Neumann, Stefan 1997: Sozio-kulturelle Aspekte in Theorie und Praxis der deutschen staatlichen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Köln: Weltforum Verlag.


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Curriculum Vitae

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Since October 2015
INEF, research project „Out of extreme poverty, vulnerability and food insecurity“ – Improved opportunities for German governmental development aid to reach extremely poor, vulnerable and food insecure people“

2004 – 2016
Senior lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Spatial Planning of TU Dortmund University: lecturing in the SPRING Masters Programme (Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies), research projects (BIOTA; Global Learning), Summer Schools, SPRING admission coordinator

1996 – 2003
Managment oft he project „Land Use Planning and Resource Management in Oromiya Region“ in Ethiopia as an expatriate expert for German Technical Cooperation (GTZ, now GIZ)

1991 – 1994
Lecturer at the SPRING Masters Programme of the Faculty of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund University

Since 1990
Freelance consultant; regional focus on Africa and India; fields of special competence in regional planning, land use planning and land management, integration of gender issues; work for GTZ, KfW, BMZ, DSE and others

1988 – 1990
Expert for community development and promotion of women in the project „Rural development in the Department of Boundiali“ in Côte d’Ivoire for the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ, now GIZ); gender expert in GTZ headquarters

PhD (Dr. rer.pol.) in Spatial Planning at the TU Dortmund University; Topic of the PhD thesis “Participation of women in local development in Ghana”

Post-graduate studies at the Centre for Agricultural Development (SLE) in Berlin including research project in Liberia

Diplom in Geography at the University of Bonn