After admission - applicants from non-EU countries

Applying for a visa

With your letter of admission, you can go to the German embassy in your country to apply for a visa for study purposes or for a German course. In many cases the embassy/consulate will require confirmation of reservation from a course provider in Germany when you make your application for a visa to take a German course.

Important: please do not enter the country on a tourist visa. This type of visa expires after three months and cannot be extended or changed to a student visa.


Visa regulations


German Federal Foreign Office

Costs and finance

Costs of studying and living

There are no tuition fees at the University of Duisburg-Essen - this applies for international students as well. All students are, however, subject to a student services and student body fees  per semester.

Information on living expenses in Germany can be found on the DAAD website.

External scholarships

Some scholarship applications can often only be made in the student's home country. If you are already studying in Germany, it will usually be too late to make an application. Applications for funding should be made in your home country.

Scholarships of the University Duisburg-Essen

  • Individual scholarships awarded by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for gifted students from emerging and developing countries (see News)
  • Graduation grants from the International Office (applications 1x per year in spring, see News)
  • Duisburg-Essen University Foundation (Duisburg-Essener Universitätsstiftung)
  • UDE scholarships

Prize for final thesis

In individual cases of social hardship, Catholic Student Community (Katholische Studentengemeinde, KOM) and the social advisory service (Sozialberatung) of the Studierendenwerk may be able to provide assistance:

Catholic Student Community


KOM - CampusSegen
Social advisory service of the Studentenwerk

Sozialberatung Duisburg-Essen


Social advisory service of the
General Students' Committee (AStA)

AStA Duisburg AStA Essen

You are also welcome to come to the office hours of the International Office for an initial interview. You can get an appointment here. The enrolment key is SoSe2021.

Working during your studies?

If you want to work during you studies you will have to pay attention to several regulations. Please find further information on the DAAD website.

Health insurance

It is compulsory for all students in Germany to have health insurance. It is not possible to enrol as a student without proof of valid health insurance. Germany has both statutory and private health insurance schemes. Do you want to remain privately insured during your studies or do you have family insurance or are you aged 30 or over?

I have an admission for a(n)...

Academic course

Statutory health insurance

Most students are members of a statutory health insurance scheme. The contributions are set by law and therefore the same for all German health insurance providers. Students are issued a chip card from the health insurance and are not charged for medical, dental or hospital treatment.

Important information (Please read carefully!)

In order to enrol in their selected course of study, prospective students require a digital notification of their insurance status ('M10 notification'), which is to be requested from the relevant statutory health insurance provider. Enrolment is only possible when a notification regarding your insurance status has been received from a statutory health insurance provider.

For this notification to be sent digitally, the health insurance provider needs to be given the University of Duisburg-Essen’s reference number (Absender-Nr.), which is H0000277.

Are you still abroad and can only enter Germany for your studies at a later date?

After entering the country, you can contact your German statutory health insurance provider and request a reimbursement of health insurance contributions. The respective health insurance provider will make a decision regarding your request.

Do you want to continue being insured privately during your studies or are you covered by family insurance or are you over 30 years old?

In this case, an M10 notification that shows you are not subject to mandatory insurance from a statutory health insurance provider is necessary. Please contact a statutory health insurance provider of your choice and get information about the legal consequences of an exemption from the statutory health insurance obligation. The health insurance provider will then send the digital notification to the University.

There is no obligation to be insured by a statutory health insurance provider for:

  • Those wishing to enrol in a German course
  • Doctoral candidates who wish to enrol to pursue their doctoral studies only

If you fall into one of these categories, proof of private health insurance is sufficient for enrolment and you do not need to prove your insurance status via a statutory health insurance provider.

Language course

Private health insurance

The price-performance ratio offered by the different private health insurers may vary. Members of a private health insurance scheme initially pay for all their medical treatment themselves. They are then reimbursed later by the health insurance when they submit the invoices.

Important information​

There is no obligation to be insured by a statutory health insurance provider for:

  • Those wishing to enrol in a German course
  • Prospective students aged 30 or over
  • Doctoral candidates who wish to enrol to pursue their doctoral studies only

German language students are not subject to compulsory insurance within the meaning of the German Social Security Code (Sozialgesetzbuchand must therefore compulsorily choose private health insurance.


Admission to higher education does not automatically come with an offer of a place in a student residence as is common in other countries. This means that you are responsible for organising your own accommodation.

There are different ways of finding a room or an apartment:

Student residences

The University of Duisburg-Essen does not offer places in student accommodation itself. The Studierendenwerk is the student services provider responsible for the student residences. You can only apply for a place in a student residence once you have received your admission letter. The Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg also requires proof of admission from the university for admission-free programmes. Online application for accommodation.



Reckhammerweg 1
Student Residence Administration
45141 Essen

Office hours


Information on student residences


Private housing market

You can of course search on the private housing market for a furnished apartment/room or a place in shared accommodation (Wohngemeinschaft or “WG”).

Useful links for your housing search:

Important terms when you are looking for an apartment or room:


Important information

Please note the following steps for enrolment:

!Please note that we will only enrol you once you have already entered Germany!

email to:
email subject line:
 Your application number and/or student ID number (if available)

Necessary information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Address in Germany
  • Degree you wish to pursue, former studies if applicable for the subject/degree you want to enrol for


  • Letter of admission
  • Passport picture (JPG) for the student ID card 
  • Passport copy
  • Highest school leaving certificate or bachelor's degree certificate
  • Complete transcript of records
  • Language certificates (German, English if applicable)
  • APS certificate for China, India and Vietnam
  • For language course enrolment only: confirmation of registration/participation in a German language course (Registration for an intensive language course in Germany with at least 18 hours of teaching  per week that are usually spread over five days a week.)
  • Health insurance ​(for language course enrolment = private health insurance -- for study enrolment = statutory health insurance)
  • If applicable, a certificate of exmatriculation from a German university

    You can only be enrolled once we have received
    your complete email (providing all information and attachments as
    mentioned below)!

Semester fee: The semester fee can only be paid after enrolment. You will receive all necessary information. Do not send any money beforehand!


Enrolment for German language course students:
Possible throughout the year

Enrolment in a non-restricted bachelor's/ master’s degree programme:
Visit the pages of the the Registrar's Office

Enrolment in a restricted bachelor's/ master’s degree programme (NC):
Please see your letter of admission for the exact date.

Enrolment in a PhD programme:
Possible throughout the year - Information for prospective PhD candidates


Semester fee

All students are required to pay the semester fee. It is not a tuition fee and must be paid by every student per semester, irrespective of when they enrol. Once you have enrolled, we will send you a bank transfer form so that you can pay your semester fee at your bank in Germany.

Further information about the Semester Fee


Semester ticket VRR, NRW

After enrolment, and once the semester fee has been received by the University (please allow 3 working days) you can use the Semester Ticket (VRR and NRW ticket) by downloading the campus app myUDE (

Further information about the Semester Ticket

Student identity card

All students are issued a student identity card, which can be collected from the Front Office after enrolment. The student identity card doubles as your library card and Mensa card with payment chip. You can use the identity card at the self-service stations (to print student certificates, make changes to your address, print bank transfer slips).

The card is the property of the University of Duisburg-Essen. As a student identity card it is personal to you and cannot be used by anybody else. It becomes void once you are no longer on the register of students at the University and must be returned to the Registrar’s Office.

If your card is lost or damaged, you can only apply for a new one at the Registrar’s Office during the opening hours.

Further information about the Student Identity Card


User ID (“Unikennung”)

All students newly enrolled at the University of Duisburg-Essen are issued a personal user identification and password after enrolment. The user ID allows you to use the University’s IT services, for example for access to the internet (WLAN, PC workstations, LSF electronic lecture schedule, exam registration). Please contact the E-Point if you have any questions about your user identification and the IT services, or if you have forgotten your password.

Further information about the User ID (“Unikennung”)

Student certificate

After enrolment, and once the semester fee has been received by the university, you can use your “Unikennung” user ID to print copies of the student certificate at the SB stations or in the LSF.

You might need a student certificate to present to authorities, for example health insurance providers, banks or the Studierendenwerk.

Further information about the Student certificate



International Office

Essen Campus

WST B 06.05
Berliner Platz 6-8
45127 Essen

Duisburg Campus

Geibelstraße 41
Building SG 027

47057 Duisburg


For queries please contact the person in charge at the International Office.

Consultation for international students

Online consultation for questions about financing your studies, immigration authorities, etc.

Please schedule an appointment via Moodle.