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When have you ever had the opportunity to move to a country of your choice for a few months, continue your education and get financial support for doing so? Now is the time! As a UDE student, there are many different ways to do so, including studying abroad, work placements in faraway countries, language courses, summer schools and as language assistants. We’ll help you along the way!

Mobility in Europe - Erasmus

The Erasmus programme funds exchange semesters at one of UDE’s 300 European partner institutions, as well as work placements abroad within Europe. For more information, please click on the corresponding link.

Global mobility

Study abroad periods, work placements, final theses, language courses and subject-related courses can also be planned outside of Europe. These international mobility periods can be funded with the PROMOS and DUE-Mobil grants. You can find more information on the programme website.

Students pursuing a teaching qualification also have the option to apply for grants as foreign language assistants both within and outside Europe.

France became my second home and I’ve been missing it so much that I’m thinking about going back to live there for another year.

Sonja (Dual-subject Bachelor’s in French and German Studies)

Erasmus study period at Aix-Marseille Université, France

What is the right option for me?

You’ve made the decision: you’re going abroad! So far so good, but what comes next? The possibilities seem endless and you’re faced with a tough choice! But don’t worry, there’s a programme that works for everyone and in just a few easy steps you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Study abroad periods and work placements within Europe can be funded by the Erasmus programme.

Students can fund semesters abroad, work placements, language courses, summer schools and foreign language assistant placements outside of Europe with the help of the PROMOS or DUE-Mobil programmes .

The video opposite has some useful tips to help you decide!

I’m interested in...

Studying abroad

Fancy studying at a university abroad for one semester or more? With exchange programmes both within Europe and worldwide, as well as the option to organise a stay yourself, UDE students have exactly that opportunity!

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Work placements abroad

UDE offers students who wish to complete a work placement abroad various funding options! 

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Short stays

For short stays abroad, there are also numerous options. Whether it’s language courses, summer schools or working as a language assistant, there’s something for everyone here!

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The question of how to finance a mobility period abroad is an obstacle for many students. UDE offers numerous programmes and grants to support all types of international mobility plans!

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What can I do where?

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UDE has numerous partner universities and programmes that offer students a wide range of opportunities. With 435 Erasmus cooperations and 141 global agreements, there’s a perfect fit for everyone!

If you’re interested in finding out what is possible in each country, you can take a look at our search portal

UDE go abroad ambassadors

The UDE go abroad ambassadors support students on their way towards a mobility period abroad.

Would you like to know how you can spend some time abroad as part of your course?
Or do you have general questions, such as:

How do I find a place to live in my host country?

What’s a normal day at uni like there?

How do I finance my semester abroad?

Then take a look at the go abroad ambassadors page or follow them on Instagram!

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